Alison Hatch: Keep, stop, start 2024

Best Nest Property Management is an agency that prides itself on improving the leasing and asset care experience for landlords and tenants.

That will be a continued focus in 2024, with director Alison Hatch outlining a plan to analyse their customer’s experience, build relationships via social media and reward their clients with an innovative loyalty program.

What’s one new thing you want to start doing to improve your business in 2024?

From our goal planning day, held at the end of each year, we chose our three small-scale and three large-scale focuses. 

One of those is to work on journey mapping each customer’s experience to see where we can improve our service.

What’s one aspect of your online presence or social media that you want to keep doing because it gets results? 


We use it as a tool to build our community and gain feedback and referral from it, with high results. 

It’s an excellent tool for leasing properties off-market and helping match people to homes.

What’s one software, app, or digital platform you want to stop using because it’s outdated or not the best fit? 

That’s an excellent question, as we love to look at what we can remove to make something work and simplify the process. 

We were using Trello boards for onboarding checklists and in replacement of a whiteboard, but since PropertyMe released checklists it removed the need for Trello.

We have also returned to using our much loved physical whiteboard as a visual tool for our leasing properties.

We’re so glad we made both changes.

What’s one way you currently deliver excellent service to your clients that you want to keep doing more of? 

We have a range of rewards and loyalty programs and these work really well within our business. 

We are looking at extending this program and offering a unique tenant concierge service for vacates.

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