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Agent of the year on the property marketing tool you need in 2023

Brisbane Inner West Realty Director Kathleen Luck is doubling down on technology to take her property marketing to the next level in 2023, and says other agents need to do the same to set themselves apart.

RateMyAgent’s Agent of The Year, Ms Luck said the past two years had changed the way she marketed property and she’d never return to the old ways.

“Buyers and renters are looking for property differently, and best-in-class agents need to respond to these trends,” she said.

According to Ms Luck, Little Hinges virtual tours are one of the most important tools in her team’s arsenal.

“We use them on every property, and have seen exceptional results that would just not have been possible without them,” she said.

“The first time we partnered with Little Hinges, we had 80 buyer groups inspect a property over the course of the campaign and multiple bidders at auction.

“The buyer was based in Hong Kong, and when I asked him how he felt comfortable buying sight-unseen, he specifically referenced the virtual tour.

“This buyer believed the tour gave him the most accurate representation of the property, so much so that he didn’t even need to look at photos or a floor plan.”

Ms Luck is not just using digital inspection technology for international buyers.

“During the sale of a property in Jillinda Place, we had a family inspect in the first week of the campaign,” she explained.

“They weren’t yet ready to sign on the dotted line, however we then saw them coming back to the virtual tour over and over again as they viewed other homes over a period of about eight weeks.

“The virtual tour allowed them to compare features, floor plans, and even measure the room sizes down to the millimetre. Ultimately, this kept the property top of mind for these buyers and they ended up purchasing the property.

“If it wasn’t for the virtual tours on these properties and others, I honestly don’t believe we would have seen the kinds of street record offers that we’ve been generating.”

Ms Luck believes buyers and sellers are better educated on the property purchase process, and want to work with agents who are transparent, offer personalised service, and who embrace technology like virtual tours. 

“What a buyer needs in 2023 is very different to what they needed in 2020,” she said.

“Office space is key (everyone wants a Zoom room!), but buyers are also looking for ways to access property anytime, anywhere, with the same level of accuracy as what they could see in person. 

“Buyers know that photos and videos highlight the best aspects of a property, or are a reflection of what the seller thinks is important, which may not be what’s actually important to the buyer.

“Virtual tours are honest and real and that is what both sellers and buyers want in order to create a strong connection with a sales agent.”

In 2023 and beyond, agents who leverage technology to open their properties up to more potential buyers, while doubling down on building strong relationships, will come out on top.

Brisbane Inner West Realty use Little Hinges’s Digital Inspection Package to open up their properties to buyers anywhere, anytime. It includes:

  • A 3D virtual tour walkthrough
  • A branded 2D floorplan
  • Access to Insights Portal to show inspection data such as total number of visitors, repeat visitors and buyer location.
  • A customised QR code for marketing and promotion.

See a sample tour here.

To find out more, head to the Little Hinges website or call their team on 1300 266 588 (1300 BOOK VT).

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