4 million virtual inspections show changing trends in buying property

More than four million digital property inspections have been undertaken on a leading virtual tours platform over the past 24 months, demonstrating a clear trend in how Australians want to rent and purchase property.  

Little Hinges have analysed the number of inspections on its platform, and when paired with other trend reports showing 58 per cent of Australian buyers want a hybrid approach to inspecting properties (Zoom Qualtrics, 2021), the change in purchase behaviour is clear. 

Little Hinges Chief Marketing Officer Mike York said four million prospective buyers and renters inspecting property virtually demonstrated that Australians want to move beyond the traditional open home approach to a hybrid model. 

“Being able to inspect 24/7 from anywhere in the world is important to enable interstate or overseas who can’t get to a physical inspection, and for busy locals who can’t make the Saturday morning inspection,” he said.

“Agents and PMs can use a hybrid inspection approach to enhance their existing processes, offering a great experience for buyers and tenants.

“While people will often want to visit a property in-person, they also want the ability to inspect at a time that suits them and revisit a property as often as they need to help them make their best offer, sooner. 

“While photos and video are great tools, a hybrid approach to property inspection allows buyers to do things like measure a property down to the millimetre, helping them size up how furniture will fit into the new home, or allowing them to get renovation quotes before making their best offer. 

“Buyers and tenants want to be able to inspect property in a way that works for them, and we’re continuing to see a strong uptick in agents and PMs wanting to combine virtual and physical inspections to open up their properties to the widest potential buyer base. 

“Agents and PMs who can demonstrate to vendors that they are doing this are the ones who will ultimately win more listings and grow their rent rolls.” 

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