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The world’s best real estate agent is planning a property coup over Christmas in Australia’s beachside celebrity playground of Byron Bay.

Hot on the heels of being named the World Real Estate Federation’s best agent for the sixth year in a row, Dick Slider isn’t resting on his laurels, but planning further domination.

“My radar is on Byron Bay for sure,” he says.

“I think we could open up there and be very successful.”

Dick is in the process of forming a crack team to dominate the market in the bayside town, which is a popular spot for Hollywood celebrities including Zac Efron, Matt Damon and Australia’s own Chris Hemsworth.

He says there’s potential for well-known faces to join that team – if they’re good enough.

“I know Chris really well, and when he comes to Sydney he stays at my house on the couch,” Dick says.

“We’ve got to find the right team though.”

Dick says he’s also toying with the idea of looking into cloning, a la Dolly the sheep.

“Can you imagine it?” he enthuses.

“Two Dicks are better than one they say. We could probably even get more out there.

“As many as we can.”

Dick says he wasn’t surprised to take out the WREF title for the world’s best agent for the sixth year running, given he sold more than $1 billion worth of real estate in 2020.

“I went out there very focused this year,” he says.

“I got my troops, my soldiers, I got everyone, very accountable and we just hustled and hustled hard.

“We grinded and we fought, and we hit vendors very hard.”

No stranger to success, Dick says his competition for the award didn’t come close to achieving his level of results.

If you ask what the award means to him, he is straightforward and clear in his response.

“I’m a maths guy, a numbers guy and that means more listings, more money, more cars and more girls,” Dick says.

Each day the self-confessed real estate guru strives to better himself with a steadfast routine that connects his mind, body and soul.

He says he rises at 4am to meditate and have a w##k, before launching into each day with passion, drive and purpose.

“When I wake up in the morning I try and better myself,” Dick says.

“I have breakfast, the breakfast of champions which is salmon and eggs, and then I meditate about just how grateful I am to be the number one agent in the world.

“Then I hit the phones, and I make sure all of my troops, my soldiers, my family, are hitting the phones too.”

Dick says one of his most memorable and best sales for 2020, and one which was key to him taking out the world’s best agent award, was the sale of a multi-million dollar mansion.

“Every sale is a highlight because that means I’m getting paid,” he reflects honestly.

“But I’d say one of the best ones I had was when I told a vendor we would get them $8 million and we sold it for $4.2 million.

“That’s an elite agent right there.

“Anyone can sell a property, but to get a vendor down by 50 per cent, well that’s a world champion of real estate.”

Another key string in Dick’s hefty bow is his ability to network, party and hustle.

He says if contacts are renting a property he quickly drops them in favour of hanging out with homeowners.

“If they’re renting I won’t go near them, but if they’ve got something to sell then I’ll go out and party with them,” Dick explains.

“I do my research, I don’t go out blind.”

When it comes to his sage, worldly advice for other agents, especially young agents new to the industry, Dick has a unique philosophy.

He firmly believes in “fake it ‘till you make it”.

“That means get the clothes and get the car,” Dick says.

“Even if you’re in your 30s, stay at your mum and dad’s house, but lease a BMW or a Range Rover.

“Get the watch. I tell my pups to go to Bali, when they can reopen, and get a fake Rolex if you have to.

“Image is everything.”

Dick and his team plan to take their hard-won image of being the best in the real estate business into 2021.

“I’m going to be focusing on bettering myself and my team to make sure they are accountable, dressing well, smelling great and celebrating our success,” he says.

When he’s not playing his alter ego, Dick Slider, Richard Carwin is a real estate expert with more than a decade of experience as a sales and buyer’s agent. He is currently the director of Lumin Property Buyers, which he runs alongside Oliver Burton.

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