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10 steps to take you from reading 0 to 20 books a year

Do you envy those agents and property managers that seem to consume books as though they’re the best meal on Earth?

Wish you could do the same?

It’s safe to say, if you’ve been a non-reader up until this point, you won’t be able to go from not reading to consuming a book a week.

But it is possible to dramatically boost your reading prowess and your knowledge in the process.

Digital marketing and audience growth expert Josh Spector recently penned an article for his For The Interested newsletter on how he had gone from reading zero books to 20 in just one year.

Here are 10 tips from Josh on how he became a prolific reader and how you can do the same.

  1. Choose reading, don’t force it. Make reading an enjoyable choice, not a duty. Avoid setting rigid rules about reading certain pages or finishing a book within a timeframe. Let it be a leisurely activity, not another task on your to-do list.
  2. Make a habit of daily reading. While you shouldn’t treat reading as a chore, it’s still beneficial to read a little each day. Even a few words or a page daily can help you build momentum, leading to more reading over time.
  3. Keep books visible. Place books where you’ll regularly see them, like on your coffee table, nightstand, breakfast table, or desk. By doing so, you’ll be more inclined to reach for them during idle moments.
  4. Give up on unappealing books. Don’t force yourself to finish a book you don’t enjoy. If a book doesn’t engage you, abandon it without guilt. There’s no reward for persisting with a dull read.
  5. Feel free to skip ahead. Reading isn’t about following strict rules. Skip irrelevant chapters, or jump ahead if you grasp the point quickly. You’re free to read in a way that suits you.
  6. Choose better books. To find engaging reads, listen to recommendations from those you respect, explore books mentioned in others you’ve liked, or pick ones about topics you want to learn. Engaging authors in podcasts often write interesting books as well.
  7. Maximise the value of your reading Go beyond gaining knowledge from your reading. Share excerpts, write summaries, or include insights in your content. This way, you not only learn but also create and grow your audience.
  8. Buy a variety of books Having a wide selection of books on hand can inspire you to read more. If a book intrigues you, buy it without overthinking, and know you’ll get to it eventually.
  9. Opt for shorter books Choose shorter books when possible, as they often deliver more value per page. Most books are lengthier than needed, so shorter chapters and books tend to have less filler content.
  10. Read printed books Although digital books have their merits, reading printed books offers a break from screen time. This can add an extra incentive to pick up a book and immerse yourself in reading.

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