Zoom open homes tell the real story behind your listings

Zoom is a powerful tool in the real estate industry, as it provides agents with a unique opportunity to bring the open house experience to life. 

According to Annette Anthony, Vice President of Technology Engagement for Exit Realty, Zoom open houses can provide a deeper level of engagement with prospective buyers by allowing the homeowner to lead the conversation.

“Zoom is not dead. Zoom is such a great opportunity to really draw your audience in when they can’t physically be with you,” she said in an interview with CEO of Real Estate Coach, Bernice Ross. 

“Many of our agents have taken advantage of Zoom by creating an open house experience, and the most interesting part of it is they’ll have the homeowner actually lead the conversation in Zoom.”

In a Zoom-based open house experience, the focus is no longer solely on the agent selling and marketing the home. 

Instead, it becomes about the client sharing a story about what it’s like to live in the home and what the neighbourhood is like. 

“It’s not about marketing it or selling it, and certainly people watching it don’t feel like they’re being sold,” Ms Anthony said.

“They’re being explained how great it is to have an experience in this home as a homeowner.”

Ms Anthony encouraged agents to use Zoom to draw their audience in and engage the homeowner to tell the story. 

“I love the idea of getting the homeowner engaged to tell the story,” she said.

“I saw a very powerful video years ago of a gentleman who had been the fourth-generation head on his ranch and he was going to have to sell it outside of the family. Those are the kinds of moments that you really want to share.”

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