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World GIS Day 2016

Did you know that today (16 November 2016) is world GIS Day? Of course you did.

But on the off-chance that you haven’t yet heard of this auspicious calendar event, GIS Day is an international day to demonstrate the value and real-world applications of geographic information systems (GIS) technology – and in recognition, aerial imagery and data visualisation company, Nearmap, has released exclusive before and after imagery revealing five communities across the country that didn’t exist five years ago.

Australia’s population hit 24 million people in February this year – 17 years earlier than official predictions made at the turn of the century. The incredibly fast-paced urban development needed to support this growth may not always be evident from the ground. That’s why Nearmap has compiled these images.

From rural land to thriving residential hubs in just five years, the below images reveal just how fast our country is developing.

“Australia is experiencing unprecedented growth. And it’s why we’re seeing so many new suburbs pop up in recent years. But this is only going to continue as Australia’s population expands. GIS technology, such as aerial imagery, is critical for effective planning and monitoring of these new communities, and help to ultimately streamline processes and reduce costs for local governments and developers,” said John Biviano, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Nearmap Australia.


Muirhead, NT 2012 vs 2016
Watch as the northern Darwin suburb of Muirhead rises up from the red dust.


North Mango Hill, QLD 2011 vs 2016
Among the fastest growing suburbs in Australia, Mango Hill’s development is a testament to Brisbane’s growing population


Oran Park, NSW 2011 vs 2016
Dubbed Sydney’s fastest growing town, Oran Park is the flagship suburb for Sydney’s imminent western growth.


South Karnup, WA 2011 vs 2016
Located on the outer southern side of Perth, this small suburb has recently experienced explosive growth.


Clyde North, VIC 2011 vs 2016
Located in East Melbourne, Clyde North is currently among the fastest growing suburbs in Australia.


Imagery courtesy of nearmap.com

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