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Work Smarter, Not Harder

A life in balance is the goal for many of us; the conundrum, however, is how to get there. Can that elusive sense of balance and health be achieved as a real estate agent? Eddie Cetin says emphatically that yes, it can – but good systems, processes and tools are key.

Many things work against the agent when it comes to achieving a life in balance, most notably onerous administration, clumsy technology and internal systems that burgle your time, taking you away from the people and activities which bring you joy. It’s this very lack of time – a poverty of personal resources – which makes us feel under pressure and unbalanced. It burns talented agents out and has them leaving an industry they love.

One way of reclaiming your personal time is by increasing efficiencies in your real estate practice. As the saying goes, ‘work smarter, not harder’; choose to use an intuitive CRM that alleviates the demands upon your time and your mind. You shouldn’t be regularly waking up at 3:00 am in a panic, wondering if you’ve called that ‘hot list’ vendor, or sent that pre-listing kit.

Unfortunately, many agents are used to working with a lack of balance and a lack of control – they’re attempting to keep abreast of business on their memory and wiles alone. This approach causes mental clutter, anxiety and an inability to switch off from your work. It’s the very opposite of living in balance, where your mind is in flow, you sleep soundly at night, and you have time for yourself and others. Free your mind, stay in the rhythm of listing and enjoy a life in balance; it’s possible when you use a CRM that does the heavy lifting (and heavy remembering) necessary to own your market.

Contrary to popular opinion, success in real estate isn’t the result of an uphill slog day in and out. Your CRM should automate your day, allowing you to easily pull up all tasks you need to action and people you need to call. Whether on the go or in the office, your system should be able to quickly help you nurture those valuable relationships and limit any lost opportunities.

You shouldn’t be waking up at 3:00 am in a panic, wondering if you’ve called that ‘hot list’ vendor or sent that pre-listing kit.

Take a leaf out of the digital nomad’s book: work your real estate business from anywhere in the world. Your CRM should offer you mobile access to all you need whilst away from the office, whether that’s in your vendor’s lounge room or at Disneyland. Additionally, going fully digital means being mindful of the environment and leaving paper records to the dinosaurs.

Vendor reporting can be an agency’s biggest time-burglar. Some agents take all day to collate their vendor reports – or they neglect to complete them at all. Neither of these situations are ideal. Your software should be able to produce you a data-rich, attractive report in five minutes. Just there, you’ve reclaimed your day and informed your clients as you’d promised.

Does daily anxiety have you reaching for the Rescue Remedy? Regain equilibrium by releasing the idea that doing well is the result of relentless chasing and working 24/7. Your CRM should be a nurturing system of its own, producing attractive marketing campaigns such as email newsletters that have people calling you. Working hard or being busy doesn’t mean you’re being effective. In fact, those who prioritise life balance rather than hours in the field are likely to enjoy greater success!

Imagine the sense of well-being that comes from arriving at the office each day knowing exactly the actions you have to take. From buyer and vendor calls to marketing, each day should be planned perfectly with the assistance of your CRM. Enjoy the clarity and confidence that comes from knowing that your business day has been captured by your database. All you need to do is follow the path to success each day, as it’s consistency that brings about results.

Life balance and a thriving real estate career are possible: they just take a little time, care and technology to implement. If the support you require from your team and your database is in place, you can leave the see-saw of working 24/7 behind you. Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

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