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How the pandemic paved the way for property boom: Simon Pressley

“Literally every location in Australia, property prices are currently growing. That has not happened in this country for 17 years,” Simon Pressley

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Simon Pressley is the managing director of buyer’s agency Propertyology.

As a market analyst, Simon has correctly forecast a number of big trends in the property market that others didn’t pick, including the recent post-COVID boom.

Simon is also a three-time Australian Buyer’s Agent of the Year, an REIA Hall of Fame Inductee, and a qualified property investment advisor.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Simon explains how Propertyology tipped the pandemic would prompt a property boom, along with his predictions for the months ahead.

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Samantha and Simon also discuss:

  • Why this will be Australia’s biggest boom in a generation
  • What agents should be saying to secure listings 
  • Which areas are likely to perform best
  • Why investors are yet to come to the party
  • The buyers who are on the move
  • Why lending restrictions should not be considered

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