Why ‘Pay On Success’ is a real estate game-changer for you and your vendor

As an agent, you know selling a home is a rewarding experience, however discussing the upfront costs for the marketing budget with your vendor always creates some friction in your otherwise streamlined process. 

The general pay later options around today are starting to address this, but you still have the issue that your vendor is concerned that they will have to pay their marketing costs even if their property doesn’t sell. 

But now, there’s the ultimate solution for that too.

Now there is an innovative payment system to help agents

Property marketing makes a significant impact when it comes to selling.

The way you organise how you promote the home online, send out flyers, use your social media channels and more all work to get the word out, attract buyers, increase competition and secure the best sale price. But this all needs to be paid for before your vendor has funds from the proceeds of the sale you’re working to secure.

This turns the marketing conversation from an investment into a fee or an upfront burden, and that can be frustrating for both of you. However, there’s the added anxiety that a vendor feels regarding the chance that their property doesn’t sell.

As an agent, you know this is unlikely, but if you put yourself in their shoes, your vendor only sells once every five to 10 years (on average) and this is likely to be their largest asset, so the sale process is a major commitment. Committing to marketing expenses upfront can create extra stress at a stressful time for your vendor, as they are likely to be concerned that the costs are simply lost if, for whatever reason, their property fails to sell.

While you have complete confidence, this concern is always at the back of a vendor’s mind. This is where you can offer “Pay On Success” – removing their doubt completely.

How does Pay On Success help you?

Campaign Flow has partnered with ListSure to offer “Pay On Success”– and it’s exactly how it sounds.

You can now completely reassure your vendors that the marketing expenses incurred during the selling process will only be billed to them after their property has successfully sold. In the unusual circumstances where their property does not sell, they have peace of mind that they DO NOT have to pay their marketing expenses.

There are several “pay later” options out there, but none of them completely remove vendor hesitations. Your vendors can now decide not only WHEN and HOW to pay the marketing costs, but also IF they pay at all, based on the outcome. This removes the risk so you can get on with signing them up, listing the property and getting it sold.

Now you can make your sales process completely streamlined

With “Pay On Success” you can change the conversation regarding marketing costs to marketing investment – and a safe investment at that.

With your expertise, you can assure your vendors that you’ll sell at the best price – however, you can now top that off with a guarantee that they’ll only have to pay for the marketing costs once the property is sold. This way, they’ve now got complete peace of mind and they will be as ready to sell as you are.

How does Campaign Flow support Agents and Vendors?

Campaign Flow offers a way for agents to focus more on what you do best by providing a worry-free solution to cover the finances for all property marketing campaigns.

Being a compliant, regulated and specialised non-bank lender operating under an Australian Credit Licence, Campaign Flow addresses the financial and risk barriers to securing the vendor’s listing by being a trustworthy source of marketing funding.

That’s why we offer three flexible, versatile and unrivalled payment methods (Pay On Success, Pay Later and Pay Now) so you have a solution to suit every vendor. Regardless of the payment option they choose, you receive the marketing funds within 24 hours so your campaign can begin immediately. 

Empower your process with a payment competitive edge

You now have a better way to pay that your vendors will appreciate.

It’s really easy to get started so you can offer your vendors these innovative payment options so you vendor will agree on the best marketing budget to ensure you can focus on what you do best, selling their property for a great price.

For more information, visit Campaign Flow.

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