What your sleep position says about you

Body language can tell you a lot about a person. A furrowed facial expression can mean concern or confusion, while a smile shows happiness and elation. Averting eye contact can indicate nervousness and crossed arms can clearly convey someone is defensive. But did you know your body can reveal insights into your personality even when you’re asleep?

Professor Chris Idzikowski, who leads a UK-based sleep assessment and advisory service, researched the positions a person falls asleep in and found each is linked to a specific personality type, according to Reader’s Digest.

So let’s take a look at the positions and what they reveal.

The foetus

This one is probably fairly self-explanatory – it’s where you curl up like a baby, with your arms close to your chest and your knees draw up and in. According to Dr Idzikowski’s research, this is the most common sleep position, with 41 per cent of people in his 1000 person survey sleeping curled up like a baby. 

More than twice as many women than men sleep in this position and those that do are described as having a tough exterior, but sensitive heart. They might be shy around new people but soon relax once they feel comfortable. 

The log

As the name suggests, this sleeping position sees you lying on your side, with both arms straight alongside you. Log sleepers are said to be easy going and social people. They are trusting of strangers but have a tendency to be a little gullible. About 15 per cent of people sleep in the log position.

The starfish

This sleeping position is much easier to picture in your mind. It’s where the sleeper lays on their back with both arms reaching up around the pillow. Starfish sleepers offer help when needed, listen well to others and make loyal friends. But they can be shy and don’t like to be the centre of attention.

The yearner

If you sleep on your side with both arms reaching out in front of you, then you are a yearner. About 13 per cent of people sleep in this position. Yearners are described as having a generally open nature, but can be slightly suspicious and cynical. Yearners can take a while to make decisions, but once they do it’s hard to get them to change their mind.

The freefall

If you’re suddenly picturing a skydiving position, stop. That’s not what a freefall sleeper looks like. Instead, freefall sleepers like to lay on their front with their hands around the pillow and their head turned to one side. About seven per cent of people sleep this way. Freefall sleepers are said

The soldier

Do you sleep on your back with both arms down by your side? Then you’re one of eight per cent of people that sleep in the soldier position. Soldiers are described as quiet and reserved people who don’t like a lot of fuss. But they do set themselves and others high standards to live up to.

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