WA agent finds perfect home with eXp

Leading West Australian agent Melissa Mendes achieved her best year in sales after making the switch to online company eXp Australia in 2021.

Operating in the in-demand beachside areas south of Perth, including Rockingham, Port Kennedy, Warnbro and Secret Harbour, Melissa sold almost $16 million in real estate in her first year with eXp.

She says that doubled the number of families selling their homes with her, which she considers a true privilege. 

“My gross commission is up 60 per cent more this year than any other year,” Melissa says.

“My husband and I are now doing things we didn’t think we could afford before I joined eXp, like renovating our home.”

Melissa says she might no longer be working in real estate if she did not find the ideal partnership with eXp.

“I have my own office set up at home and if I am in my own space I find I am always positive,” she says.

“I have three children who are 17, 19 and 21 and this job is perfect to give me the freedom to achieve that good work-life balance.”

She says the eXp network is a key ingredient in her sales achievements. 

“When you have their support network it gives you that extra confidence to believe in yourself,” Melissa says. 

“You have all the tools in place and you know you can pick up the phone and that the backup you need is there.

“The online marketing has a bigger presence with eXp Australia too. People are interested in something new, the marketing is exciting and definitely wins more people wanting to know about the company and about you.”

Founded in the United States in 2009, eXp is a virtual office model providing software support while saving on office costs. The brand launched in Australia in 2019.

An attractive gross commission split sends more earnings direct to agents than in traditional franchises.

eXp pays 75 per cent commission on the first $100,000 of sales in a year after which agents receive 100 per cent of their commissions in that year.

“In my first year I reached that $100,000 worth of commissions in eight months,” Melissa says. 

“I have never earned this much with another company and I have achieved that with ease and no stress.”

Melissa always had a passion for the property business – both of her parents were agents –  but pursued a career in banking before following her heart into a real estate career in 2012.

She says success in real estate is about something deeper than figures on a page.

Her sunny personality and deep knowledge of the area where she has lived all her life complement her natural skills as a negotiator.

“I trust the client and they trust me,” Melissa says.  

“I care about what they are trying to achieve and you build a relationship.

“It’s not about crunching numbers. You create a fun environment for people and understand what their goals are.”

Melissa delivers the same level of personal service to buyers too, taking the time to understand their aspirations and matching them with the right property.

“I love this job, it’s my passion, connecting with people and helping them move forward,” Melissa says.

“This isn’t just about selling houses. It is helping people create their dream.”

She loves the positive energy that comes from the eXp team.

“We have a Messenger group for eXp agents in WA and we are always in contact about what is happening at work and telling each other about our wins.”

That support helps Melissa maximise the potential of her local knowledge and experience.

“The eXp brand is more about you than the company and the company backs you in that,” she explains.

“At other companies I have worked at, it was all about the brand.

“At eXp you have the independence while you are able to collaborate with other agents and that makes for a happy and successful environment.”

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Noel Mengel

Noel Mengel is a freelance journalist and author based in Brisbane.

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