VR real estate group offers support to industry facing changes during pandemic

Is virtual reality the solution to COVID-19 inspection fears during this unprecedented pandemic? Some members of the industry believe so, and Kindred Property Group have put out an offer of support to the industry.

A real estate company that operates virtually contact-free is offering to share its secrets with others in the industry as it stares down the barrel of uncertainty due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Although they never predicted a pandemic, Kindred Property Group had already developed virtual property tours on more than 90 per cent of its listings and boasts Australia’s only real estate virtual reality lounges in shopping centres.

While other agencies are scrambling to get their technology up to scratch and make adjustments to meet health advice, Kindred Group CEO Josh Kindred said Kindred will need to make very few changes to their business model during the crisis.

He said those planning to sell their homes in the near future can continue to do so through virtual real estate with no risk, and buyers looking to purchase can view homes with alternative options for property viewing.

“We can essentially facilitate a house sale with next to no personal contact, allowing us to support social distancing,” he said.

Virtual real estate allows hundreds of potential buyers to ‘walk’ through a property on their own smartphone or computer, viewing the property in full 360-view – all from the comfort of their own home.

Mr Kindred said this option, powered by accessible technology, provided incredible certainty, confidence and reduced risk for both sellers and potential buyers during this trying time.

“Through our digital experiences, people can not only view properties (for as many hours and as many times as they want without leaving their own home), but they can also complete a property sale digitally – from digital proposals, digital contracts, video conferencing and more,” Mr Kindred explained.

“We understand these are unprecedented times, however, we also know that people’s property plans for their future may not have changed and for many, this option is vital.”

And with the opportunity of low interest rates and a competitive market, Kindred is still seeing huge buyer activity in the market.

“We are thankful to be able to provide this unique industry-leading ability to continue to sell and purchase property during this time, essentially contact-free, and risk-free,” he said.

Mr Kindred has called on the real estate industry to embrace this technology and has offered his support to all in the industry.

“As a board member of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and a big believer in co-opetition, I am now offering my support to the entire industry,” he said.

“If any of those in the industry have questions about how we have facilitated our virtual implementations, please reach out to me and I will put you in touch with my team, suppliers or contacts.

“This is a time to band together as an industry and get through this time together.

“Virtual reality and digital technology will be a tool no doubt to assist greatly during this time.”

You can view a virtual property inspection here.

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