Viral videos: Jonathan Creek on creating real, relevant and relatable content and becoming the hero of your patch

Each day the real estate industry creates countless hours of social media video content, but why is it some videos go viral and others don’t?

Virable’s Jonathan Creek says there’s a science to creating videos that people engage with and share, and if you crack the code it can take your profile to a whole new level. This science takes its cues from Hollywood where movies can retain attention for hours on end, but on social media, it’s not about special effects, polished performances and complicated post-production.

Instead, Jonathan says it all starts with great storytelling that connects with and evokes emotion in your audience, then keeps them on the hook and invested in the outcome.

Jonathan Creek is a sought after speaker and former investigative journalist who has spent years researching viral videos and storytelling. These days he heads up Virable where he helps businesses and individuals attract a disproportionate amount of attention online.

Some key highlights of this episode, hosted by Elite Agent’s Cassandra Charlesworth

  • 6.15 – The ingredients of great storytelling and how you can apply it to short, sharp videos on social media
  • 8.07 – Why attention spans aren’t really shrinking and how great content can hold your audience’s interest
  • 10.51 – Where agents should begin when it comes to creating great content, and why it’s more simple than you think
  • 15.01 – Why social media isn’t about slick production and flawless presentation but instead involves a hum to human connection
  • 17.55 – How to provide content that offers value to the audience and keeps their attention
  • 20.52 – The biggest mistake real estate agents make when it comes to video and how to be real, relevant and relatable
  • 25.20 – Why there’s a good chance you’re deploying your property videos on social at the wrong point in the sales funnel
  • 33.11 – Why every great story needs a hook, what that is and how you can create one

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To get detailed notes and additional resources for this podcast, and more resources from Elite Agent, visit joineliteagent.com

To get detailed notes and additional resources for this podcast, and more resources from Elite Agent, visit joineliteagent.com

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