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View Media Group partners with Century 21

View Media Group (VMG) has joined forces with Century 21, in a strategic partnership designed to shake up digital marketing in the real estate sector.

The move sees VMG’s bespoke, performance marketing solution, Acquire, fully integrated into Century 21’s proprietary CRM, ‘eSales’.

Acquire is white labelled and fully integrated within a residential agent’s digital ecosystem to automate vendor campaigns, agent branding campaigns, property management and even recruitment campaigns.

However, this is the first time VMG has embedded the Acquire platform directly into a customer’s CRM, providing the full suite of functionality to Century 21 agents and offices within their own environment. 

The collaboration has been branded as C21 Edge and provides a powerful listing advantage to Century 21 agents in Australia and New Zealand.

Combined Franchise Services, which operates Century 21 Australasia, Chief Executive Officer, Tania Minchella, said the partnership would benefit agents and their clients.

 “The integration of VMG’s Acquire product into our proprietary business platforms means that the product is truly ours,” she said.

“The platform allows us to drive strong outcomes for our vendors and agents through automated multi-channel digital advertising.”

VMG Managing Director Residential, Trent Casson, said the multi-channel reach of C21 Edge was a significant advantage for Century 21 agents.

He said it would extend audience engagement through a comprehensive media strategy that includes social, display, and native ads, across hard working static and engaging video formats. 

This ensures that potential buyers and sellers are reached wherever and whenever they are online, and driven straight back to the Century 21’s website where the user can engage directly with the Century 21 brand and contact the agent.

VMG is thrilled to have partnered with Century 21 Australasia to bring our market leading Acquire platform to life within their proprietary CRM, eSales,” he said.

“The programme, known as C21 Edge, brings a level of digital marketing sophistication never before offered as a push button solution within a client’s own CRM. 

“Our teams have worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life and launch it at the 2024 Century 21 Convention in Melbourne.”

The collaboration delivers an end-to-end digital marketing automation executed from the eSales CRM environment, with the click of a button, while returning valuable campaign data, customer insights, lead and appraisal generation back into the CRM.

Mr Casson said C21 Edge leveraged Century 21’s customer database, as well as third-party data to identify and target property-intending audiences, driving qualified traffic to Century 21’s website across multiple channels. 

He said the campaigns would be optimised to find audiences who engage deeply with the Century 21 website content, leading to meaningful interactions and increased open for inspection (OFI) attendance. 

C21 Edge also utilises VMG’s proprietary predictive modelling, layering this with partner data from leading platforms including Meta, Google, Taboola, Microsoft and a raft of other specialists. 

MR Casson said the strategy would identify and target audiences with a high intent to transact in property.

“C21 Edge will deliver a genuine listing advantage for the Century 21 agent community and in turn offer vendors a level of sophistication and targeting that was once only available with the use of large budgets and teams of people,” Mr Casson said.

“Helping Century 21 consolidate and leverage the vast amounts of vendor paid advertising that runs through the network and driving all the benefits back to Century 21 agents and the masterbrand is something we are incredibly proud of and aligns perfectly with the VMG philosophy of building agent’s businesses off the back of vendor paid advertising.”

VMG’s account partners will go into the C21 office network to service agents at an office level to support them as the campaigns roll out.

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