Unlocking the potential: Transform winners experience breakthroughs with AI and efficiency

Artificial Intelligence mastery, soaring productivity and a more purposeful, peaceful workday are just some of the improvements the latest cohort of Transform winners have reported in their business after completing the 30-day challenge.

Transform 13, which ran during May, was all about learning to future-proof your business, not just through technology and AI but also through improving business efficiencies, discovering, amplifying and exploiting your unique capabilities and creating better habits that stick.

Beautique Realty Director Beau Miller topped the Transform leaderboard and took home $1000 in Kolmeo Kash from the challenge sponsor, Kolmeo.

She said the 30-day challenge had taught her how to use AI effectively and introduce it into her workflow in useful ways that saved her time, created content for social media posts, and helped her tackle difficult online conversations.

“I used it for engaging social media posts because I always have ideas but I don’t have time to sit and do them,” Ms Miller said.

“So what I do is, I take a photo during an entry or exit inspection and then I’d ask ChatGPT to write my social media post.

“With one particular vacate inspection I did, by the end of it, I had five different social media posts finished to run over a period of five weeks.”

Ms Miller said her entire team had benefited from Transform and developed better task management and focus skills, which helped them meet numerous KPIs.

They managed to clear their overflowing email inbox so that no message is older than seven days, while their number of overdue tasks has been quickly whittled down from 80 to just six.

“Across the board we met four KPIs in our business that we hadn’t been able to hit for four years,” Ms Miller said.

Q State Properties Selling Agent Monique Clemens finished in second place on the Transform leaderboard and took home $500 in Kolmeo Kash.

She said completing Transform 13 had reinvigorated her love for real estate and helped her refocus on her goals.

“I really struggled for the first few months of this year,” Ms Clemens said.

“I was losing track of myself and losing track of what my goal in this industry was.

“So doing a lot of this just reinvigorated my drive to find my own tribe, be myself, be the person that I am outside of real estate and allow people to see that.”

Ms Clemens said Transform also helped her overcome her fear of AI, admitting that she was, at first, very hesitant to change but had since grown in confidence and embraced the technology for what it can do to make her job easier.

She said she now uses ChatGPT to answer questions, improve her emails, generate content and create social media templates.

As well as those topping the leaderboard, Elite Agent Managing Director Samantha McLean also selected two winners who received conference tickets to Elite Retreat next month.

Ms McLean said she selected Space Estate Agent’s Joseph McCurry and Get Smart Property’s Claire Weggery as they excelled at every task and particularly understood what to use AI for and what not to use AI to assist with.

“They were focused and stuck to the challenge,” Ms McLean said.

“They also understood what AI should and shouldn’t do for you and your business and that’s equally as important.”

Ms Weggery said she’d completed numerous Transform challenges and each had been different and valuable in its own way.

This time around Ms Weggery said she learnt to accept that change is inevitable and understanding AI allowed her to approach how she works with a more open mindset. 

She said it enabled her to expand her skillset with things like prompt writing, which she says is a skill that will only become more important as time goes on.

On a practical level she also used AI to analyse and improve her business policies and processes and plans to use it to create an App.

“I think it can help me build an app, which is an onboarding process for my clients, that removes paper,” Ms Weggery said.

Mr McCurry said as well as learning about AI and implementing it into his business, Transform had helped him create healthier habits in his day, such as starting and finishing each day with mindfulness and gratitude practices.

“It’s helped me see that at the end of each day there is at least one good thing that has happened, be it something at work or at home with my family,” he said.

“It’s a great way to start and end the day.”

Q State Properties Principal Sandy Lower won the Transform Networking Challenge.

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.