Tyrone Shum: What property investors really want

"The reason why I chose the property manager that I'm with right now - with a regional property in Portland - is because they've had experience with the local market and can get the right tenants in there. They know tradespeople, builders. And the reason why they've been good is I'm sitting in Sydney - so there's trust that they will be able to find the right thing for me." - Tyrone Shum

The podcast shares the latest investor stories, strategies, and examples from Australia’s most innovative property experts.

Tyrone has been interviewed across 30 different podcasts around the world, featured on numerous world-class blogs and been invited to speak at many large events.

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“For me to go from zero to 1.2 million downloads and have thousands and thousands of subscribers on the website and to impact that many people and actually be running a business now as a side hustle, I don’t think I could even imagine that two years ago.”

Some of the topics I discussed with Jonathan include:

  • What led to Tyrone starting his hit podcast Property Investory, including how he manages to complete the show alongside his full-time job.
  • His journey into and through investing himself, including buying his first investment property
  • Tyrone’s foray into property development and how he helps connect investors to great deals
  • What the average property investor looks like in 2020
  • Property investment trends and why property managers who offer greater service and state of the art technology are becoming more popular.
  • Tyrone’s top tips, including why making an action plan is vital to achieving your goals and the best books, podcasts and other resources he recommends you check out.


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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.