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Traditions to Tech Geeks, Compton Green

Compton Green are one of the oldest and most widely recognised brands in Victoria, and are well known for superstar Auctioneer Adrian Butera who will be speaking at Ideas Exchange this year. Going strong since 1926; today they are blazing a trail in the industry through their cutting edge use of technology.

Let’s start by unveiling real estate cobweb territory. In 1926, Melbourne’s largest independent Real Estate Agency in the Inner West, Compton Green opened its doors. This was a time when the norm was for kids to play outside – as technology had yet to tap or tweet into the world. 88 years later, and this fast growing business with a motto of “Make Change” are one step ahead. Earlier this year, their technological advancement reached national headlines with the use of a company wide platform called Tibbr.

Tapping into the needs of coworkers and empowering employees to share information in an organised fashion is the purpose of Tibbr, and since introducing the program in December 2013, Compton Green have not looked back. Compton Green Director, Adrian Butera, said his company needed a tool that connected the team and helped foster real time conversations. “We’re a fast growing business with a highly expanding mobile workforce and we needed a tool that would connect our team no matter where our co-workers may be. Tibbr provides a single destination for our team to carry out daily work activities and collaborate on them with each other,” he explained. While improving the way to interact with employees is of paramount importance, the company has also built a strong social media presence.

The business is also growing a fantastic presence on Facebook as there has been a ripple effect of loyal fans joining into the Compton Green conversation. The fan base has recently grown to nearly 3000 likes and Adrian explained how fully engaging in relationships, rather than trying to sell homes is crucial. “Now more than ever it is essential to create social media presence which actively engages people rather than simply selling. For us, our aim has never been to sell homes through Facebook but to provide interesting content related to what is happening in the local area. Providing links from our blog, Green Scene about stories of locals, high profile personalities or a wrap up of the weekend’s auctions continues to attract significant interest,” he explained.

The role of real estate agents is a suburb trotting business and so in the last couple of years, Compton Green’s use of apps has rapidly intensified and a few on their list include: Agent calculator, Agent Tool Box, realestate.com.au and RP Data. With mobile solutions commonplace, many real estate professionals now have business productivity applications readily available so that they can act in real time and Adrian provided his expert insight. “Agents are almost like filmmakers and creative directors in a sense. Skyping clients and taking them on a virtual tour of a home or conducting business meetings with an overseas client to discuss negotiations is the norm. Nothing these days is off limits which is the beauty of today’s digital age,” he said.

It comes to no surprise that this real estate agency has leveraged their communications onto an international scale. In 2013, they were the first agency in Australia to release an iBook in Itunes, “Your Guide to Buying at Auction.” This book has the fundamentals when it comes to placing a bid and hot tips so that prospective buyers can be assisted with the entire auction experience.

To follow this successful established agency visit www.facebook.com/comptongreen. Adrian Butera will be speaking at Idea’s Exchange this year in Melbourne. To book tickets, visit http://therealestateproject.com.au/ideas-exchange/

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