Top Cairns agent takes the plunge to Explore

After many years of operating her own agency, leading local agent Nicole Bragg has literally taken a huge leap to bring her entire business under the recently-established Explore Property in Cairns.

Known for her flair for marketing, Ms Bragg announced her arrival at her new agency by parachuting out of a plane with her team and landing in a field with a giant Explore Property logo.

Opening its doors in mid-2019, Explore Property is operated by experienced husband and wife team Kyle and Natiesha Olufson, and Ms Bragg said she felt the freshness of a new brand would strengthen her agent business.

“I’ve successfully operated Bragg Realty over the past five years and when I was approached about aligning with Explore Property, I felt a real connection with the brand and people,” Ms Bragg said.

“I just knew this was a wonderful opportunity for me to continue growing my business and doing the work I love.

“We are stoked to be here and can’t wait to continue serving Cairns day-in, day-out.”

Explore Property CEO Andrew Acton said working with agents like Ms Bragg was a privilege.

“Our company continues to emerge as a serious brand and support platform,” he said.

“We have a clear identity as a powerful alternative to big franchise and isolated independent.

“We exist to help agents and leaders reach their full potential and it’s great that we continue to align with some of the best in the business like Nicole Bragg.”

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