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Top 10 real estate social media marketing tips for real estate agents

Social media is the highest lead generator for property businesses.

Research indicates 93 per cent of home buyers find their homes online, and that’s why 77 per cent of the real estate agents use social media platforms for property marketing, selling listings, and generating new leads.

But, many real estate businesses still find it difficult to embrace social media marketing, and many agents agree keeping up with social media marketing continues to be one of the biggest challenges for them.

However, with the proliferation of online marketing, property developers and agents do not have any choice but to step onto the social media marketing bandwagon to cater to millennial buyers.

On that note, here are 10 social media marketing tips that can help real estate agents reach great heights of success:

1. Be authentic 

Give clients an idea of who you are by connecting with them personally. A good idea here is to make real estate videos that are authentic.

Use real estate video marketing to shine across different social networks because videos are a good way of opening a dialogue with a customer even before they recognise your brand.

Take the example of Damien Cooley, a Sydney-based property auctioneer with a stunning social media presence. He is known for his very own, exclusive, and inimitable style.

The most memorable thing about Damien is his straightforward, matter-of-fact, and professional personality that he showcases in everything.

2. Post video content to gain clients

Nowadays, video content is very important. More and more businesses are using videos in their marketing plans to grow 49 per cent faster than those not using them. And that is because videos bring in more engagement.

That does not mean professional film-making skills or fancy equipment are a must.

You can use YouTube videos to generate leads. Or, create and post simpler videos using a real estate video editor to get excellent exposure. Such videos are perfect for Instagram Reels, Facebook, TikTok, etc.

If you are not sure how to do it, check out The AMS Team that shows behind-the-scenes in their Instagram Stories to gain the trust of their clients.

3. Perfect timing is important

You must know the right time for sharing your social media marketing content to make the best impact.

This can greatly vary based on the platform you are using and the target audience. Check analytics to know when your target audiences are most active on different platforms and plan your posts accordingly.

4. Keep your posts simple 

Whatever you are doing – sharing tips, answering questions, or providing different ways of something – just make sure to do it simply. Simple but effective social media content using clean and strong lines can get prospects right in.

Take the example of Melbourne-based White Fox Real Estate, which uses visually striking Instagram content to showcase its range of remodelled and luxury-period homes.

The brand keeps its video captions direct, short, and free of embellishments. It also uses simple terms for describing its properties, with the tone being playful and young.

5. Use platforms as per their intended purpose

Remember, all the social media networks are different, so you must use them differently.

Try re-purposing content for varied platforms instead of using the same thing on all of them. Use your Facebook business page for posting active listings, marketing updates, links to landing pages or blogs, and funny memes.

Create a library of real estate videos on YouTube and repost them as Facebook videos or Instagram stories.

Share short but informative snippets from your real estate memes and blog posts on Twitter while using LinkedIn to connect with prospective partners.

6. Share client testimonials and success stories

Eighty-four per cent of online users trust reviews from other customers, which can help real estate businesses increase clients’ trust in their brands. Welcome existing customers to share their experience of working with you.

Social proof shared in the form of customer testimonials and success stories helps build reliability in a brand.

Put down how your clients appreciated your help in getting their dream homes or the way you helped them out in selling their property quickly.

7. CTA and contact information should be easily accessible

Do not make it very difficult for the prospects to get in touch with you.

If you do so, they will not take time to move on to your competitor. Include your company’s contact information clearly on the different social media profiles you have.

Also, include clickable links for relevant information so prospective property buyers can instantly hop onto your website or product page to get more information. Similarly, work on making your CTAs prominent.

After all, even your Call to Action is instrumental in getting people on your business site.

8. Run several social media advertisements to achieve varied objectives

Paid social media advertisements can help you grow your following on different platforms and reach people even outside your current audience. Try choosing different social media ad objectives.

You can choose Facebook ads for promoting your page, Instagram for driving leads, and YouTube for newsletter subscriptions. See what works for you best and drive your efforts in that direction.

9. Interact with customers and prospects on varied platforms

You need not just share information on the different social media handles. Use them as a scope to interact with your customers.

Host live property walkthroughs to motivate the viewers to ask questions about listings. Make sure to answer all the prospects’ questions on different social media platforms.

These are genuine interactions that can help you in building strong relations.

10. Keep measuring and learning

Keep a close watch on the campaigns, topics, and platforms performing the best. This is a good way of tracking your performance on different social media platforms and making a few tweaks to your strategy as and when required. This optimization procedure pays off over time.


Social media is one of the essential ingredients for a successful real estate business. So, whether you are just stepping into the real estate industry or a pro, the tips mentioned above can help you bring more business.

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