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Thriving in your first year of real estate: Ryan Smith

“If I knocked on 100 doors and 99 said no it didn’t really bother me.” – Ryan Smith

Realmark Rookie of the Year, Ryan Smith believes in integrity, energy, hard work and creative service in every facet of life, not just real estate.

An exceptional sportsman, who represented WA in football and golf, Ryan joined Realmark Urban as a sales associate about 14 months ago.

He is also the owner of two Stadium Fitness gyms and the founder of digital marketing agency Hybrid Revenues, as well as being an investor in a restaurant food chain in Cambodia.

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In this episode Samantha and Ryan discuss:

  • Ryan’s first year in real estate, including his sudden “sink or swim” moment and how he got his first sale
  • The biggest challenges Ryan has faced and the important lesson he learnt early on
  • How to get started in door-knocking
  • Marketing trends, growing a social media presence and why video is best
  • How Ryan’s sporting background (he represented WA in both golf and football) has helped him in real estate
  • Advice for new agents, including the importance of being real
  • Planning for 2020 and Ryan’s five-year plan.

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