The ultimate guide to real estate prospecting resources

We have trawled the Elite Agent archive, as well as the entire living history of the internet, to present both golden oldies and new thinking from eliteagent.com plus a wide range of international sources to help you gain inspiration in your prospecting.

Filling your pipeline for new business takes a lot of time, energy and money, especially if you are just cold-calling without a plan, aimlessly canvassing the general area, or dealing with folks who aren’t actually ready to sell.

Not only that, but both the market and your potential clients within that market are forever changing in regards to their wants and needs.

We have trawled the Elite Agent archive, as well as the entire living history of the internet, to present both golden oldies and new thinking from eliteagent.com plus a wide range of international sources to help you gain inspiration in your real estate prospecting.

Please bookmark this resource and come back around every now and then – we plan to update this page as often as we find great information to help you build your business. Enjoy!

Some of the best (old and new) on eliteagent.com

  • Prospecting for Success: The Power of Referrals (eliteagent.com) – If your current prospecting methods seem like hard work for few results, you probably need to change your approach; your past clients and your social network may be the goldmine you’re yet to discover.
  • Hyperlocal prospecting (eliteagent.com) – Real estate agents looking to expand their digital footprint and low-cost marketing options should consider homely.com.au, its Co-CEO Jason Spencer says.
  • Big Data and the Future of Prospecting (eliteagent.com) – We live in an age of consumerism, where potential clients have more information about choosing an agent than ever. But it is also true that they can access a whole lot more information.
  • Josh Phegan: Solving the 10 Pain Points of Prospecting (eliteagent.com) – Josh Phegan explains how to identify and avoid fail points in your business before they happen, so you can build the best business possible.
  • 29 ideas for real estate agents to build a database and win more listings (eliteagent.com) – Ask most real estate agents what their most common pain point is and they’ll likely give you the same answer. They want to spend more time interacting with clients and closing deals, and less time doing all the tedious administration that comes with real estate.
  • Prospecting Machines (eliteagent.com) – During AREC 12 (we know that’s a while ago!), Kevin Turner asked Tom Panos to moderate a session with top agents Mat Steinwede and James Tostevin. While both agents have very strong personal brands, they both still maintain that a dedication to prospecting is crucial to your success.
  • If it were Day 1 in real estate again… what would you do differently? (eliteagent.com) – Coming out of the COVID-19 crisis is the perfect time to adopt a “learner mentality” and treat things as though it’s your first day in real estate, a top sales director says.
  • Real Estate: How To Win Friends And Influence People (eliteagent.com) – Natalie Hastings presents The Real Estate Edition of Carnegie’s evergreen self-help classic.
  • The Ancient Art of Prospecting (eliteagent.com) – Even in tough times, the top agents can bring new business in the door through their referrals. But how do they do it? Let’s uncover what it takes to master the art of prospecting.

International sources

  • Real Estate Prospecting Ideas for Slow Markets – Real Estate Side Hustles (recessionproofrealtor.com) – When your real estate market changes, the same old real estate prospecting ideas you were using may need a few tweaks. Here are the tweaks you need to make!
  • Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Prospecting (60+ Ideas, Tips, Tools) (inboundrem.com) – Learn the best real estate prospecting ideas, plus helpful tips and hacks, and excellent tools for real estate agent marketing.
  • Top 19 Tips for Real Estate Prospecting (fitsmallbusiness.com) – Real estate prospecting is the process of cultivating leads to generate new business. Prospecting is a mix of sourcing new leads, leveraging social networks to discover new opportunities, and engaging in community events to boost brand visibility.
  • 15 Clever Real Estate Prospecting Ideas to Boost Your GCI – The Close (theclose.com) – Real estate prospecting is the act of generating new real estate clients through active outreach and outbound communication. Here are tips to do it right.
  • 9 real estate prospecting letters for getting more leads (ringcentral.com) – Learn how to write a real estate prospecting letter that gets you leads and potential home-buying and selling clients with these 9 templates.
  • 6 Real Estate Prospecting Ideas to Help You Get New Clients (rismedia.com) – To build a funnel of leads, you have to prospect. Start today with these tips.
  • 6 Real Estate Prospecting Ideas to Help You Get New Clients – Real Estate Express (realestateexpress.com) – Don’t recycle the same old real estate prospecting ideas! Build a solid prospecting plan with these steps to develop good leads.
  • 11 Best Tips for Successful Real Estate Prospecting (mashvisor.com) – Real estate prospecting is a must for success in finding property buyers and sellers. This article offers great tips for successful prospecting.
  • Your Complete Real Estate Prospecting Guide – Homesnap (blog.homesnap.com) – Prospecting is a vital part of any real estate agent’s business plan. Learn everything you need to know with our complete guide to prospecting.
  • 5 Go-To Prospecting Tactics for Real Estate Agents (pipedrive.com) – By taking a disciplined, activities-based approach to your real estate career and tracking your efforts, you’ll have a book of business and referrals much faster than if you take a scattershot approach.
  • 8 Things Top Real Estate Agents Do That Others Don’t (therealestatetrainer.com) – Learn the methods that high producing real estate agents implement to set them apart from other agents.
  • Prospecting Conversion Rates for Real Estate Agents (therealestatetrainer.com) Learn the standard prospecting conversion rates for real estate agents making COI, FSBO, Expired & Just Listed/Sold calls.
  • 15 Best Prospecting Ideas for New Real Estate Agents [2019] — Rev Real Estate School (revrealestateschool.com) – Prospecting can be a challenge when you start out in real estate but it doesn’t need to be difficult. You just need a plan to follow on a daily basis to maintain the consistency.
  • 22 Prospecting Tips for Real Estate Agents (marketleader.com) – Real estate agents are salespeople – they need to sell homes if they want to make a living. Here are 22 prospecting tips to help agents do that.

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