The traits of top performers in real estate

“During an auction we can all see someone put up their hand and we can all hear someone make a bid but we can’t all sense what they’re thinking. That’s a skill you grow over a period of time...”

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Have you ever wondered how the best agents and auctioneers stay on top even during the toughest of times?

With more than 4,300 auctions under the hammer and over three decades in the industry, Paul Moore of LJ Hooker takes us behind the scenes of his distinguished and successful career.

Paul – who is head of the prestigious LJ Hooker Captain’s Club explains how the brand pivoted to adapt to the changing marketplace created by COVID-19, how his first-ever sale was one to never forget and why he believes a mentor in the industry can turn a regular agent into a top-performing agent. 

Paul also reveals his ‘top of the mountain’ moment and why he believes in leaders playing to their strengths, and never shying away from asking for help along the way. 

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In this episode of Samantha and Paul also discuss: 

  • The LJ Hooker ‘Captains Club’ and how the ‘Top 15 per cent’ of LJ Hooker are continuing to achieve above-the-benchmark results during COVID-19
  • How LJ Hooker real estate agents pivoted to adapt to the changing marketplace and what next-level service means to them 
  • Why Paul decided to follow in his mentor’s footsteps and leap into a leadership role 
  • The non-negotiables for successful agents and property managers and why ‘production work’ is an essential part of the day
  • How digital auctions have paved the way for the future of selling in real estate and why sellers could achieve a greater result above reserve in a hybrid environment
  • Why new agents need to learn discipline and take initiative to connect with their community early in their career
  • Why those moving into a leadership role must live and breath the position in service of their teams.


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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.