The top 5 habits for maintaining peak sales performance

Top sales agents sometimes seem to have a super-human ability to stay at the top of their games, don’t they?

Day after day and week after week, they seem capable of achieving more than most mere mortals – and usually with a smile on their face to boot.

It’s clear that the ability to maintain a high level of performance over a long period of time is what separates greatness from mediocrity.

That said, we are all human, which means that inevitably we will all have our ups and downs. It’s just that the very best performers have learned how to maximise the peaks and minimise the troughs by following these five habits. 

 1. Core values 

Successful sales agents know their core values that are unique to them, and they live and breathe them in everything that they do.

It is this core value alignment that gives them the energy and the passion needed to keep bouncing out of bed every day and it’s also crucial to maintaining performance over the long-term.

If you are not clear on your core values, then it’s time to bring them to the surface – forget money, forget stature, forget the accolades, and think deeper.

Which human traits and qualities drive and inspire you? Think of your deeply held beliefs and morals, which make you a good person.

How would you like people to describe you on a personal level? What qualities do you expect and teach your children? What’s most important to you? 

2.  Positive thinking

Given that most situations in life can be somewhat ambiguous and viewed in a few different ways, adopting a positive view can help manage the experience.   

Fundamentally, high performance means seeing opportunity instead of difficulties.

Positive thinking helps agents to adopt a mindset of why over why not; can over can’t; excited over nervous; learning over failure; progress over incomplete; and always seeing things as ‘half full’ rather than half empty.  

Every one of us live our lives between our ears, so if you make it a happy and positive place to be, you can stay there longer.  

Turning your mindset from negative to positive starts with awareness. Be on the lookout for ambiguous situations and acknowledge both the positive and negative views.

Then simply choose to follow the path of the positive option. With practise, positivity will no longer be a decision, rather it will become the reaction that you naturally make.  

3.  Planning and process 

Goal setting is non-negotiable for anyone who wants to outperform the averages, but the really high performers also fall in love with the process. 

They know the goal will be achieved when the process is completed well enough for long enough. It really can be that simple. 

If you want to be in the top five per cent of agents you must plan, but also commit, to the behaviours, habits, and actions that are required to get you where you want to be – and never stop! 

Don’t have a plan? Then it’s time get one! Be clear on where you want to be and work backwards from there. Outline the actions and behaviours that you need to execute every day to get there. 

 4.     Don’t settle 

“Close enough” is simply not in the vocabulary of the best agents.

They are always shooting for the stars by following a proven and successful process that will enable them to get there.  

Maintaining peak performance is all about maintaining standards and standards are what we tolerate and not what we preach.

The best agents always maintain their standards because they know it is the path to success. 

What are your standards? Where does the high performer that you aspire to be draw the line?  

5.  Move your body 

We all have the same number of hours in every day and a portion of that time must be set aside for looking after your mind and your body.

If you have a healthy body, you will have a healthy and agile mind that supports your goals.

The top agents challenge themselves physically to make them stronger and more comfortable doing the hard stuff. 

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you, so it’s vital that you look after body – because you will only ever have one of them.

New to physical training? Awesome! A little bit will make a big difference. Start small but start today. You won’t regret it! 

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Steve Nottle

Steve Nottle is the People and Performance Manager at Image Property.