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The power of a team: Ibrahim Merjan on scaling your business to 150 sales, an ‘auction everything’ approach and building your team sooner

Closing 150 sales in 12 months is only possible if you’re able to put together and manage a high-performing team, where everyone knows their role and works together.

That’s exactly what Chairman’s Elite, Ibrahim Merjan, from Ray White Macarthur Group, has been able to do.

And it’s why he is now targeting 200 sales this year across Leppington and Liverpool.

In this interview with Ray White Head of Performance and Recognition, Bianca Denham, Ibrahim talks about how he was able to grow from solo agent to being one of the top-performing volume agents in the country.

He discusses why he’s moved to an “auction everything” approach, why you need to build a team of friends and not just colleagues, and how to dramatically improve the vendor experience.

Ibrahim also talks about how he structures his day, the best way to allocate team roles and why businesses need to focus on appraisals first.

I find that people underestimate how quickly people can learn if you actually throw them in the deep end. I look at how I would like to be treated. I don’t want to be held back. – Ibrahim Merjan.

Bianca and Ibrahim also discuss:

  • Why you’ll achieve more faster if you join a team when you start your career.
  • Why growing a team can skyrocket your results, even when you’re new.
  • How to make your first hire really count and the best roles for them to take on.
  • How maturity makes you better at managing a team and defining your own role.
  • The one thing that you need to do to get the best out of your team members.
  • The value of building real friends and not just having colleagues.
  • How to use your team to dramatically improve the vendor experience during the sales process.
  • Why agents should double down on the locations that are getting the most traction.
  • Why an auction-only approach can help lead to better results for agents and vendors.
  • The best way to structure your day if you want to do 200 sales per year.

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a senior journalist at Elite Agent specialising in finance and real estate.