The Leadership Diaries: Ben Faulks on building team culture, recruiting top talent and scaling up

Despite many challenges, Ben Faulks has had a big impact on the real estate industry in Canberra, having established two businesses through hard work, determination and strong leadership skills.

Can you imagine taking on a leadership role in a new real estate agency without having ever sold a house?

That’s exactly the challenge Ben Faulks faced when he co-founded Ray White Canberra in 2010.

Yet the entrepreneurial former banker has been quick to establish himself as one of the industry’s leaders and build a team of 120 across three offices.

In this Leadership Diaries episode of the Elevate podcast with Elite Agent Managing Director Samantha McLean, Ben discusses his leadership journey, how he develops a strong team culture and exactly how he recruits high-quality talent to grow his business.

Ben also gives his insight on the Canberra property market, how he founded the Canberra-based listing portal Zango and the most effective way to set financial goals for your business.

“Having been part of Ray White for a long period of time, it’s a bit cliche, but there’s an attitude of abundance. There’s enough out there for everyone, and we celebrate other agencies’ success within the network.” – Ben Faulks

Samantha and Ben also discuss:

  • 3.01 – The state of the Canberra property market and how it’s holding up in changing times
  • 5.05  – How Ben established Ray White Canberra, including his journey from banker to real estate agent
  • 6.20 – The evolution of Zango was created, and the challenges he faced getting it off the ground
  • 9.12 – The key mentors Ben has had in his career, what they taught him and how he applied the learnings
  • 17.06 – How to set goals in reverse to better manage your business’s financial situation and plan for the future
  • 20.25 – The best way to build team culture and how to introduce new people into a business
  • 22.19 – How to take on a new leadership position and the most important thing Ben does when he starts a new role
  • 23.20 – The one thing you shouldn’t do when trying to grow your business and avoid stress.


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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.