The landscaping trends set to be a hit in 2023

Earthy colours along with timber and stone-based structures are set to be the major trends in landscaping this year, predicts Landart Founder Matt Leacy.

Mr Leacy, whose company specialises in landscape design and construction, said that his predictions should be treated as an influence, and that homeowners needed to consider his recommendations in the context of their own space.

“No design style or colour choice should be adopted just because it’s on-trend,” he says.

“It’s important to consider how the look of the moment works within a space, and not just blindly follow trends. 

Trends inevitably date. If you can, bringing in a landscape designer to help maximise a space, place all the important elements and work on a design style and plants that will thrive in your environment is a fantastic investment.”

With that caveat out of the way, here’s an overview of what Mr Leacy expects to be a big influence in landscaping circles this year.

Mediterranean is “the new Hamptons”

Mr Leacy says the Mediterranean aesthetic is well-suited to Australia’s outdoor environment.

“One design influence that’s here to stay is Mediterranean – I would say it is the new Hamptons,” he predicts.

“While a Mediterranean influence is not new, as such, it does continue to grow in popularity globally – and it’s very well suited to the Australian climate and way of life. 

“The soft coastal aesthetic of the Mediterranean style works on a lot of the properties we design and produce, and the materials weather beautifully in Sydney or Byron Bay climates where most of our clients are based.” 

Natural materials to dominate

In order to achieve the Mediterranean look, landscapers will need to focus on incorporating natural materials into their work.

“Natural materials like recycled timber, tea tree sticks, overhead shade structures, floorboards and natural stone all layered with a bit of interest and texture like crazy paving, cobbles and random shape walling that is beautifully offset by soft white renders are what we will see more of this year,” Mr Leacy says.

This could extend to incorporating over-sized planters, warm mood lighting and edible gardens into landscape designs, he added.

Earthy colours to prove a hit

Mr Leacy says natural, earthy colours are set to make an impact in 2023.

This includes fresh white palettes and the use of green – in particular, emerald green – and blues.

“A white based palette will be a popular choice – and it works well as a base to layer natural products such as stone and timber and bring in either bright splashes of colour with the green and blues, or accentuate with more natural earthy colours,” Mr Leacy says.

Go up, not out

For those who can, building a rooftop garden space could be a surefire way to add depth to your outdoor space this year, Mr Leacy says.

“Done right they’re a beautiful design feature in a garden, and such a smart use of space – that also has practicalities in terms of water capture and insulation for homes. We’ve created some beautiful rooftop gardens and look forward to doing more this year,” he says.

He advises anyone considering a rooftop garden to closely consult with experts before making any decisions.

“Rooftop gardens remain very popular in outdoor spaces. For obvious reasons, any rooftop construction should be approached with caution and expert advice. Things can go horribly wrong if they’re not designed and built well and in accordance with best building practice,” he advises.

Taking the plunge

Pools are set to remain a key requirement for many clients this year, Mr Leacy predicts.

“Pools and outdoor kitchens are quintessentially Australian and two key elements of outdoor spaces that are not so much trend driven, but are a pre-requisite for most of our design briefs,” he explains.

“The popularity of the plunge pool will be one of the biggest trend in pools in 2023, along with curves.

“We’ll still seeing more traditional rectangular shapes, and they will always have a place in our landscapes as the shape of the pool is driven by the look and feel that suits the property and the client.”

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