The industrial revolution (in real estate)

"In real estate, more than anything, you can determine how fast you progress through your career. And that comes down to applying yourself, being disciplined, understanding what people want, and then helping them get there.”

Malcom Tyson joined Colliers International in 1994 in the North Sydney office as an industrial sales and leasing agent. He now manages the Australian industrial agency team, comprising of over 100 experts nationally, and as NSW State Chief Executive he also leads the 730+ staff in the NSW team across six offices and dozens of on-site management teams.

Last year Colliers won the Gold AREA award for Commercial Agency of the year, and obviously, Malcom’s team were a big part of that.

But this has been an interesting year in commercial and industrial as people were sent home from their offices and retail shops were shut.

So this is a fascinating tour into not just the development of a winning people culture but also how commercial and industrial markets are adapting to ‘prevailing economic conditions’.

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Samantha and Malcom also discuss:

  • Why Colliers no longer use the term ‘COVID-19’ and what they have replaced it with to re-focus their teams on the things they can control
  • What it takes to build a winning culture and how Malcom works at motivating and managing such a large team
  • The changes in commercial real estate this year and why Malcom believes employees will want to return to the office
  • The boom in warehousing and logistics and how that’s enabling an Industrial real estate revolution
  • Innovation and automation and how that is impacting the industrial sector
  • How to become an employer of choice and an attraction employer
  • Tips for presenting a winning AREAs submission.

Submissions for AREAs 2020 open on October 7


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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.