The growth equation: Andrew Duncan

“I think the market is definitely evolving quickly, and I think we've all got enough experience in change not to be as scared of it as we were. Make the change and the quicker you do, the quicker you'll learn and improve.” Andrew Duncan

Sorted Services CEO Andrew Duncan is no stranger to starting and scaling a business. He has enjoyed a lengthy career as an entrepreneur in both the tech and real estate space and is all about providing service that scales.

Throughout that successful career, Andrew has also drawn on the wealth of materials that relate to best practice in both starting a business, or optimising an existing enterprise.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Andrew shares an insight into some of these resources, including three of the must-read books for business leaders at all stages of the growth journey.

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In this episode, Andrew and Samantha discuss:

  • How the customer expectation and technology are coming together
  • Why the real estate industry is less afraid of change than they once were and how they should use that to their advantage
  • Why the best service often involves no need for service at all
  • How to identify and eliminate negative inquiries to give your business space for high-quality interactions
  • How lean thinking is critical to business success 
  • Why you should test, learn and occasionally fail
  • What constitutes an effective leadership style
  • How to identify the ‘flywheel’ of your business that allows an enterprise to gain traction, scale-up and grow
  • What Sorted Services offers and where it’s headed
  • Plus much more…

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