The D’Luxe Nuts: A real world recap of episode 4 along with exclusive interviews with Gavin Rubinstein and Simon Cohen

Season 2 of Luxe Listings is serving up all the drama you could dream of in a show packed full of picturesque properties, luxury cars and competitive agents. Here, we unpack episode 4, and also catch up with series stars Gavin Rubinstein and Simon Cohen who share their thoughts on filming, friendship and business best-practice.

Tensions were running high when the credits rolled on episode 3 of Luxe Listings Season 2. A failed clifftop deal had prompted friction between Gavin and Simon, the market was tight, listings were in short supply and TRG had been told to pump the brakes on plans for expansion.

It left a whole lot of questions about whether Gavin Rubinstein had well and truly coloured Simon Cohen out of his colouring book along with how TRG would cope with Remi’s upcoming absence, and what it would take for the agents of Laing+Simmons to purchase their whole brand.

In this episode of D’Luxe Nuts, Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean and industry trainer and coach David Skow recap episode 4, unpacking all the drama that unfolded, along with the key takeaways for real-world agents that translate well beyond Sydney’s picturesque eastern beaches.

In an exclusive Elite Agent interview, Samantha also catches up with Gavin Rubinstein and Simon Cohen, asking how the series has impacted their business, whether Simon would be tempted by a series on the Bachelor, and what they really think about new agent addition Monika Tu of Black Diamondz.

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As to whether they’ve mended their friendship, that question is also answered amidst all the ribbing you would expect from two quick witted, competitive agents who happen to be masters of one liners.

In the process, Gavin and Simon offer an insight into their work practices, including what it takes to be an agent operating in one of Australia’s most competitive real estate markets.

There are takeaways on building a team, including how hiring the right people gives you additional capacity.

Gavin offers an insight into the personal toll a high-performing career can take and both agents discuss how they navigate the work/life balance.

Simon and Gavin also hint at some of their plans for the future, share their favourite moments from the show, and provide a backstage insight into what the agents in the series are really like.

And they have some important tips for anyone seeking to build a real estate business that is market proof no matter whether there’s an economic downturn, an election, rising interest rates, or a shortage of listings.

“If you build a good enough business and your practice is strong enough and you know how to add value to your vendors, you become recession proof, you become market proof… it becomes irrelevant because what you need to remember is everybody always needs to buy and sell.” Gavin Rubinstein.

Samantha and Dave also discuss:

  • Lessons in marketing and why it’s important to differentiate, including what makes a TRG property, and whether one in Sylvania Waters might pass muster.
  • How to keep the listings coming, even when the market is tight and properties are in demand but vendors are in short supply, and why the best operators aren’t affected by market conditions.
  • Why it’s important agents ask the right question at the right time, and how Moniku Tu uses this skill to navigate an emotional sale.
  • How to overcome objections, including a masterclass from Gavin Rubinstein where he showcases the thinking and research required to get past reluctance from clients.
  • Why every agent needs a Remi on their team, how they can attract and retain a team member of high calibre, and what the right team allows a great agent to accomplish  
  • How to present a home to best effect, the value that staging can offer, and how to have the staging conversation with a hesitant vendor.
  • Why personal health and wellbeing needs to come first for every single real estate professional, and how to ensure you don’t neglect your own needs in the push to get the deals done.
  • The changes afoot at both TRG and Laing+Simmons, and how to overcome setbacks to achieve the result you want.

Plus much, much more…

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.