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The best low competition, high opportunity areas for real estate agents in Sydney

Ambitious real estate agents looking to make a name for themselves and get runs on the board should consider working in the Strathfield, Parramatta and Hills Shire areas, according to a new study.

New analysis from Abodely has found the Strathfield, Parramatta and Hills Shire local government areas provide agents with good growth opportunities and less competition.

The study collated a list of all the real estate licence holders in Sydney – there’s 27,596 of them – and ranked 29 LGAs in the city according to median house prices, agents per dwelling and five-year supply growth.

The result was the Agent Opportunity Index, which saw Strathfield come out on top with a score of 84.

This was followed by Parramatta (82), The Hills Shire (80), Ryde (76) and Bayside (76).

Abodely Founder Tom Coe said Strathfield, Parramatta and the Hills Shire led the pack with a winning combination of moderate agent density, substantial supply growth and attractive median house prices.

Strathfield had 15 agents for every 1000 dwellings and while Parramatta and the Hills Shire both had 13 agents per 1000 homes, their lower median house prices kept them from top spot.

“These areas are ripe for agents looking to establish or expand their presence,” Mr Coe said.

“The balance here offers a unique opportunity for growth and profitability.”

Ryde and Bayside rounded out the top five, with Bayside having 12 agents for every 1000 homes, while Ryde was slightly higher with 16. 

Blacktown ranked seventh based on its balance of low agent competition and burgeoning supply growth. 

Quakers Hill, Marsden Park and Schofields all offer similar benefits and the success of Ray White Quakers Hill Principal, Josh Tesolin, who sold more than 300 properties and wrote $8 million in GCI last year, is evident.

Sydney’s Best Areas for Real Estate Agents

Mr Coe said agents who were tired of cut-throat competition should look to Sydney’s outer suburbs.

The Penrith LGA has just five agents for every 1000 dwellings, while Campbelltown and Fairfield have six agents per 1000 homes.

Abodely Founder Tom Coe.

“As the median dwelling price in these areas continues to soar, established agents will be well placed to benefit from the higher median prices,” Mr Coe said.

While the City of Randwick and Mosman Council also rank well for the least agents per dwelling, the report suggests they offer a different opportunity for strategic agents.

Unlike the outskirts of the city, these areas are well-established and command higher median house prices. 

Mr Coe said agents specialising in premium properties might find these markets particularly appealing, offering a niche in well-established, affluent communities.

He said agents in other high-end areas, such as North Sydney and Woollahra, needed to devise their strategies wisely as high house prices attract agents in droves, but smart, data-driven shoices are the key to real success.

“Agents looking to establish themselves need to think beyond just high property values,” he said.

“It’s about understanding the market dynamics and thinking about how to gain an edge.”

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.