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The 5 biggest rent roll growth mistakes (and how to avoid them)

“We get it. Growing an agency can be tough and it’s hard to prioritise our time between ‘working in the business’ and ‘working on the business’, especially when it comes to growth,” Ms Porter said.

“But whilst we usually focus on the things that can supercharge our growth, sometimes we need to pull back the curtain and think about stalling growth, so you don’t fall into those traps,” she said.

O*NO Legal’s latest webinar will focus on those very traps, and how to avoid stepping into them. 

“In this interactive webinar you will learn about the biggest mistakes property management principals just like you are making and how to avoid them,” Ms Porter said.

“So, your backside is covered, legally speaking.”

Some of those traps include failing to set up an entity structure correctly from day one, and not establishing an official referral arrangement from the beginning.

Waiting to use social media can also be a trap, as can using social media incorrectly.

“Make sure you establish all marketing assets from day one, so all your social media accounts match, making it easier to find you,” Ms Porter said. 

The webinar will teach you how the team at O*NO Legal helps agencies put growth strategies in place “so you too can smash your growth and revenue targets and have the agency you always wanted”.

“Learn from their war stories so that you save time and money by not repeating the mistakes they have seen,” Ms Porter said.

As a third generation, Ms Porter was born into the real estate industry, bringing a unique skill set to her legal practice.

Servicing almost exclusively real estate industry clients across Australia, she understands the pressures and pain points in the industry.

“Heading up large in-house real estate and development legal teams, as well as working alongside agents in the trenches, has given me a unique insight into what agents actually need from their lawyers when it comes to the legals needed to run and grow their agency,” Ms Porter said.

Also part of the webinar is Ellen Bathgate, founder of The Rent Roll Starter. 

After growing her own rent roll from scratch and selling it a few years ago, Ellen now helps other agents and property managers to start and grow their own rent rolls.

With a love of marketing, Ellen teaches growth strategies to help agents grow their personal brand, agency profile and rent roll, using digital marketing, social media and other personal branding tactics.

She’s helped thousands in the property management industry to grow their business, their brand and their rent rolls.

The overall focus of O*NO Legal is to provide agencies with a legal strategy in their growth plans to ensure they increase the value of their agency.

The upcoming webinar will also cover:

  •  The five biggest mistakes agencies make when it comes to their growth and how to avoid them.
  • The right time to implement a marketing strategy.
  • The marketing channels to use and when.
  • Real life case studies of lessons learnt so you don’t make the same mistakes.

“Growing an agency without the right strategy in place is like flying a plane without any navigational equipment,” Ms Porter said.

“You can point it in the right direction and hope for the best, or you can develop a flight plan and know you are on the right track. The webinar will be held on November 23rd at 10am AEDT. You can register here.

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Nicole Madigan

Nicole Madigan is a freelance journalist for Elite Agent.

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