Terase Davidson: Taking on real estate with conviction and compassion

Terase Davidson’s motto in life is to do what she does well and to do it with conviction.

So, a few years back, when she was looking to pivot her career from running an events and food business, she knew she had to select a profession that “sparked joy”.

But she knew she didn’t want to only spark joy in herself, but in others.

“I wanted a career where I felt I could have a meaningful and positive impact on others,” Terase notes.

“Nothing I’ve done in my life has ever been for the kudos or the perception of others… It’s more been an inner choice of what feels good to me and what I feel I can stand behind with conviction.”

Having bought and sold a few of her own properties, Terase says she knows what it feels like to be on both sides of the fence. 

Unfortunately she also knew what it felt like to not receive the best service. 

But, that meant she knew there was a gap to fill and so, she decided to turn to real estate for her next career, joining The Agency in Byron Bay.

“I’m someone who is open, honest, transparent and who shares information and knowledge easily,” Terase says.

“I’m able to communicate in a way where the other person never feels as though they are being schooled, and I think that can be an important point of difference for me in this industry.”

Before real estate, Terase worked in London, organising events and roadshows in the investment banking sector, which was an industry where only the very best customer service is acceptable.

More recently, in Australia, Terase ran Taste Byron Bay, and she says together with a strong family connection to the Byron Bay area, she had established many long-term relationships.

It meant she was able to start her real estate career with her foot in a few doors.

But the rest has been built on an ethos of hard work, treating every client, regardless of their net worth, the same and ensuring every vendor and buyer feels as though they are “safe hands” when dealing with Terase.

“I’d like sellers and buyers to enjoy the experience, to feel like they are in safe hands and to feel as though they have been given sound and professional advice,” she says.

“I’ve always enjoyed creating genuine connections with people, and throughout my career I have been able to build trust quickly, with buyers and sellers.

“I have a very open and honest way of communicating and I think people find that refreshingly different in this industry.

“I also never forget how it ‘feels’ to be a buyer or a seller and I make sure I am always mindful of how stressful the buying and selling journey can sometimes be.”

While some may believe coming to real estate later in life would make it a more difficult career choice, Terase says her life experience has been a blessing. 

She understands the need for open communication, regular, clear updates and many of the experiences her clients are going through, such as the death of a loved one, she has also been through herself.

“One of the biggest things for me is that I don’t ever want it to feel transactional,” Terase says. 

“Often there’s a lot of anxiety because they (sellers and buyers) are going down a path that can feel like they are in unfamiliar territory and there is often a lot of money and uncertainty involved.

“One of the things that I get the most joy out of, is being able to guide people through the process in a way where they feel like they’re in safe hands and they know that they’ve been given honest information and the right insights to make decisions with confidence.” 

As International Women’s Day approaches, Terase says it’s a day for her to stop, reflect upon and celebrate all of the successful women across the globe.

“There are plenty of remarkable women who often pop up in the media, or are well-known public figures,” she says.

“I feel though, that there are millions more everyday female heroes not in the spotlight, that are doing equally remarkable things – we just don’t see or hear about them.”

One of those women Terase looks up to is her mother, Maureen.

“She taught me resilience, how to work hard, how to be kind and that if you really want something you have to go out there and get it,” she says.

As for women who are in the spotlight, Terase says 2021 Australian of the Year, Grace Tame, has proved inspirational.

“Her ability to stand strong, be an active voice for change and her unwavering commitment to not be silenced is inspiring beyond words,” Terase notes. 

As for what the future holds for Terase, says the next 12 months will see her focus on creating more opportunities for buyers and sellers to find their dream properties in and around Byron Bay.

She says her goals don’t revolve around a predetermined number of listings, sales or smashing suburb records, but doing right by her clients.

“I feel like the achievements will come if I just stay focused on my core values and what feels good and natural to me,” Terase says.

“And that is to, primarily, always provide sound, professional advice and exceptional service to our clients and lead with compassion and kindness. 

“The professional, goal-ticking of boxes will look after itself.”

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.