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Technology won’t necessarily get you results, says Jo-Anne Oliveri

Property Management Leadership Summit presenter, ireviloution Founder and Managing Director Jo-Anne Oliveri, recently shared her insights on the real impact technology has on the business of property management, and why it is so important for principals to understand.

Speaking with Elite Agent, Jo-Anne says technology has changed things but property management has remained the same.

“Whilst technology has enabled principals to improve their property management service-delivery, the business side has not changed, and principals must remember this,” Jo-Anne said.

Despite operating in a technologically-driven age where apps and gadgets are shaping services, Jo-Anne said that principals must continue to build their property management agency on what matters most- solid business foundations.

“Quality standards, customer service, company culture, codes of conduct, business processes, and legislation are what guarantee results to your clients, not technology,” Jo-Anne said.

Whilst technology can certainly improve these business areas, Jo-Anne commented that they must still be manually planned, implemented and monitored by principals and their teams.

“If manual monitoring systems, including KPIs, income target incentives, and practical training are not implemented, a property management business will struggle to remain relevant and achieve results, regardless of which apps and gadgets they use,” Jo-Anne said.

“What it comes down to is that, even in this technologically-driven age, you can be the most tech-advanced property management agency on the block, but if your business foundations aren’t rock-solid, then you won’t be able to deliver a quality property management service that clients seek,” she said.

Jo-Anne Oliveri and other industry influencers will share their business insights, leading tools, and bold new ways of thinking at the upcoming Property Management Leadership Summit on 7-8 March on the Gold Coast.

If you are a principal, Head of Department, BDM or career property manager who seeks inspiration, leadership skills and real-life business examples to help you step up, lead your team, and profitably grow your business, don’t miss this event. Limited number of seats available. 

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