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Take an ocean deep dive in your own submersible

Do you fancy dipping in and out of the ocean alongside a pod of dolphins?

What about gliding behind a bale of sea turtles? 

Or maybe even taking your dinner party guests on a deep dive to explore the depths of a local shipwreck?

In something a little left of centre, U-Boat Worx has launched its new high-speed submersible, aptly named the Super Sub.

Essentially it’s a personal submarine and for those with enough cash to splash and a harbourside property, it could be the perfect toy if you’re tired of your super yacht.

The submersible doesn’t come cheap though, with the Daily Mail highlighting its price as $5.8 million.

The Super Sub is the sixth series the Dutch submersible manufacturer has created and it’s the fastest yet, capable of zipping along at 8 knots.

“That’s two knots faster than the top cruising speed of a bottlenose dolphin, and five knots faster than the average submersible,” U-Boat Worx said.

Distinguished by a long tail and an advanced wing design, the Super Sub has a super powerful propulsion system, with four thrusters that deliver 60kW and allow for steep, 30-degree climbs and dives.

The submersible can dive 300m below sea level and offers almost 360-degree views from its ultra-clear acrylic hull.

“Comfortably accommodating two passengers and one pilot, the three-seater submersible is equipped with a luxury supercar interior,” U-Boat Worx said.

“A five-point belt buckle system guarantees guests are securely strapped in for the thrilling ride.”

The droplet-shaped Super Sub is the first submersible to emerge from U-Boat Worx’s custom submarine programme, which gives owners the opportunity to be part of the bespoke design process. 

It is 5.3m long, 3.09m wide, 2.31m high and weighs 9000kg. The Super Sub contains Lithium-ion batteries that have been specially engineered for low weight and endurance of eight hours. 

Safety features include Maximum Depth Protection (MDP), a Deadman’s Switch (DMS) and 96 hours of life support.

“The 96 hours of life support includes oxygen supply and CO2 scrubbers to filter the air, but also emergency battery power for life support monitoring, communication with the surface, light, food and water,” U-Boat Worx said.

“The MDP feature prevents the pilot from diving deeper than the submarine’s maximum operating depth. In case the submersible should ever find itself too deep, this safety feature will automatically raise the sub until it is once again within its certified depth.”

Bert Houtman founded U-Boat Worx in 2005 after dreaming of creating submersibles that were not just for the military or oceanographic research institutes, but for private users.

The first Super Sub model has already sold and is set to be delivered in 2023.

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