Survey analyses real estate professionals mental health in tough year

A leading mindset coach conducting research for a whitepaper analysing the mental health and wellness of real estate professionals is searching for more respondents.

Jet Xavier says the Revive survey takes just a couple of minutes to fill in and the results are used to help inform projects such as the Rise Initiative and the Real Care App, as well as being shared with industry leaders and bodies to foster greater assistance for those in real estate.

Rise and the RealCare App give the industry access to quality information to support team wellbeing and performance goals including teaching and training skills in wellness, mindfulness, fulfilment and many other areas.

Mr Xavier started conducting the Revive survey, of at least 1000 real estate professionals, in 2017 and it has revealed indicators such as how many respondents had felt physical symptoms of anxiety or stress, had sought medical advice for work-related stress or felt work had impacted their personal relationships.

He said 2021 had been a rollercoaster year, particularly for those in property management, with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic far reaching.

“Property managers had things pretty hard early on, especially in Victoria,” Mr Xavier said.

Mr Xavier said while the pandemic had some benefits in encouraging working from home, one downside was that people missed the connection with others the office environment delivered.

“A few states had a lot of restrictions and lockdowns, so while working from home has its benefits and was a great break from the intensity of the day-in, day-out of the office, a lot of people missed the connection of work colleagues and the connection of the work environment,” he said.

Mr Xavier said more than 850 real estate professionals had filled out this year’s survey, but that figure needed to reach 1000.

You can fill out the survey, which is anonymous, here

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