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Style and Substance: CoreLogic revamps Signature Reports

Real estate agents can now create personalised, professional comparable market analysis documents with just a few mouse clicks. Reports that once looked the same for every agent can now be targeted to help you stand out in the marketplace and tell your unique story in a way that aligns with your ethos and brand.

Following the release of CoreLogic’s improved Signature Reports, the country’s largest property analytics and data provider now gives agents the power to add custom content to their Signature Comparable Market Analysis Report within their RP Data Professional account.

CoreLogic product manager Mike Salway said that Signature Reports now give agents the opportunity to upload custom PDF files to their Signature CMA, which is then saved as a template for future use at appraisals, listing presentations and in pre-listing kits.

“One of the problems we heard from agents was that they wanted to be able to stand out in the crowd,” he said.

“Signature Reports is a new CMA we have developed over the past few months that gives agents the ability to customise a report by uploading their own PDFs to sit alongside the data the report itself generates.

“Customised PDFs agents may choose to add to sit alongside comparable sales and current listings might be testimonials from clients, information on their agency or team, or even marketing plans.”

Other new features include being able to select alternative photos to use in the report for both the target and comparable properties. Agents can also upload their own photograph of the target property to use as the ‘hero image’.

While the report already generates comparable property and currently listed lists, agents can now manually add properties not already featured.

Similarly, if they wish to show a sale price in the report that has not been previously disclosed or is not yet available, they can enter the data manually when choosing comparable sales.

Agents can also select what format they present or view the report in – list view or detailed view. List view contains basic information, while detailed view has property images, listing description, floor size, year built and the property’s first and last listed price.

Properties are also linked to their full property detail page in RP Data Professional.

Mr Salway said Signature Reports had launched earlier this year but had gained significant traction in March 2018, with clients loving the time saved. “We’ve gone from about five per cent adoption to almost 30 per cent adoption,” he said.

“We’ve received great feedback on the amount of time it is saving agents as well as the look and feel of the report, which is more modern and stylish.”

LJ Hooker Penrith sales consultant Richard Garay said the improved reports were more time-efficient, more detailed, and more personalised and targeted.

But perhaps the best ‘feature’ was the confidence that having a solid, customised report gave the agents.

He said the report also contained an automated valuation estimate and this helped agents confidently support their appraisals. “You still have to do your research and know your market, but it takes the slight guesswork out of it,” Mr Garay said.

“I also like the fact that it is a condensed report, that you can select a photo of the vendor’s property and not have to settle for a generic bunch of pictures.

“It’s specialised, customised and targeted.

“With the comparable sales you can find the photos of the properties and put them together. It’s one thing to present lists of homes with the same or similar floor plan, area, land mass and number of bedrooms but, in essence, the photos become evidence of that.

“It makes it more real for vendors; they respond easier and it makes more sense to them because it’s about them.”

Mr Garay said the other benefit would be to help make the industry more transpar-ent. He didn’t see an issue with entering comparable properties or sales prices, even those of other agents, as long as the data was accurate.

“It only makes for a better industry,” he said.

Mr Salway said the improvements to Signature Reports would not stop there; more functions are due mid-year.

“We will continue with more customisable options, including new cover page options,” he said. “At the moment it is limited to the target property, but we will have options of lifestyle themes, such as a beach, or agency branding.”

For more information visit corelogic.com.au/rp-data-professional-signature-reports

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Kylie Dulhunty

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