Step into the future aboard the $3 billion underwater superyacht Migaloo M5

The ultra-wealthy won’t just be able to live in luxurious homes on land, they’ll also have the option of diving below the surface of the ocean with the launch of the groundbreaking M5 superyacht.

Austrian yacht maker Migaloo has unveiled the design for its M5 superyacht, which promises an unparalleled experience of opulence and privacy beneath the waves.

Tagged at an astounding $3 billion (US$2 billion), the M5 isn’t just a yacht; it’s an underwater mansion.

According to the Migaloo website, the M5 spans an impressive 165.8m in length, the M5 offers 1000sq m of meticulously designed interior space, providing an exclusive sanctuary for its owner across a lavish 220sq m.

The remaining space is dedicated to up to 40 crew members who ensure that every voyage is seamless and luxurious.

What sets the M5 apart is its ability to submerge up to 250m underwater for about four weeks, allowing up to 20 guests to enjoy the ocean’s tranquility.

The safety of these excursions is guaranteed by a partnership with the US company SAFE, which provides “beyond military grade protection”.

The initial designs, presented as a mere “source of inspiration” by Migaloo’s CEO and designer Christian Gumpold, feature interiors finished in gold and marble.

Ray White Marine Chief Executive Officer, Brock Rodwell, said the Migaloo M5 was aptly named, with its connection to the white humpback whale first sighted in 1991 near Byron Bay.

He said many shipyards did concept designs and the key was to secure a client base and funding to go ahead with such a niche product.

But he believes it’s possible, especially with some niche clients looking for superyachts that allow exploring.

“A submarine and ice class vessel such as this is very niche,” he said.

“It’s truly an expedition and an explorer-type client that’s going to be looking for it.

“Since Covid, people have really wanted to go further and stay onboard longer, so range and volume is what people are looking for.”

Mr Rodwell said the Migaloo 5 had been a talking point at the Singapore Yacht Show last week and he was involved in the sale of another superyacht called Victorious.

“They’re doing 60 shares at US$3 million a share,” he said.

“So it’s sort of like being a part of a luxury ocean liner, it’s one of the largest builds in Turkey.

“People are just going bigger and more expensive and there’s a lot of impulse buying going on as well.”

Prospective owners for the Migaloo M5 are invited to customise the spaces on the yacht, starting with a comprehensive briefing and moving through stages of design refinement to ensure the finished yacht meets their exacting standards.

Among the yacht’s standout amenities are a futuristic bar adorned with neon lighting, an outdoor cinema, and a plethora of water sports equipment including jet skis, kayaks, and kitesurfing gear.

For those looking to make a grand entrance or exit, there’s also space for a helipad on deck.

Mr Rodwell said there could be a market for the Migaloo M5 in Australia, but it was more likely to come from overseas.

“There’s certainly Australian buyers that have got the capacity for it,” he said.

“Most of the yachts that are in this league, owned by Australians or close to it, are generally based overseas, either in the Mediterranean or the Bahamas.

“These boats are worldwide boats, so they do the seasons and once it hits winter in Europe they cross the Atlantic to the Bahamas and St Barts.

“We’ve definitely got clients with the capacity to do so but I think the main market is probably going to be American based and also from some of the European countries.”

Described as the “future of yachting” on Migaloo’s website, the M5 reimagines the boundaries of luxury and privacy.

It’s not merely a vessel; it’s a floating fortress that offers a glimpse into a future where the ocean’s depths are just another playground for the spectacularly rich.

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.