Staff Training: Investing in The Future

Sarah Dawson of Rockend explains why taking time to train your employees is never a wasted effort.

STAFF TRAINING IS an area that is often neglected in real estate agencies. Many business owners fail to business operates and recognise all processes and technology in your office, which creates a highly productive environment. In some cases a high turnover of staff can be attributed to a lack of investment in employees. Establishing basic training for new employees ensures they are up and running in your business in no time. This basic training will also help determine areas that need further realise the value of trained staff and how this can impact their bottom line.

It has been proven time and time again that trained staff are closely linked to increased productivity. Training ensures that all staff have a similar skillset, understand how your development and training in the future.

Training is one of the simplest ways to increase your service offering. Having fully trained staff will ensure everyone is completing work to the same standard and following procedures. Untrained staff can lead to inconsistencies in your business, which can negatively impact your customer service offering.

All clients want to receive the same service and offering, no matter who is serving them. If a property manager is sick or a new manager takes over a management, you can ensure that your client receives the service they are used to. Investing in the development of your staff will help create a solid brand for your agency.

Having a structured training program also helps to create a targeted performance management system. Outlining key performance areas through training and assigned goals will help you to track your employees’ performance in the role. Training can help refine weaker areas and enable staff to complete their job to a higher level. Many successful businesses have a structured performance management system; implementing this in your business could see an increase in employee retention and productivity.

Many principals are often scared to invest in their staff in case they leave. Investing in your staff proves your commitment to their future career and development, which encourages loyalty. Creating a work environment which fosters learning and development will set your business apart in the long term.

The biggest deterrent when it comes to training programs is the perception that it will take too much of your agency’s time. However, time spent in training is a true investment in your business, which will ultimately benefit your agency and increase staff productivity and retention rates.

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