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Sherrie Storor: How to become a Million Dollar Agent

Are you ready to unlock your true potential, become a modern day agent, list more properties and make more money, all while escaping the hustle and grind and reclaiming your time?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

Top coach Sherrie Storor says her cutting-edge, self-paced online course, Million Dollar Agent, delivers all of this and a lot more.

“I’m going to give you the blueprint that has allowed me to build my successful businesses from scratch (twice!),” Sherrie said.

“Million Dollar Agent is all about giving you systems and strategies, so you can step away from the hustle and grind, and reclaim your time.

“You’ll get access to a plug and play formula with the tools, the cheat sheets and the templates that are just waiting to set you on the path to success. 

“This is about getting a glimpse into trade secrets that work, and the know-how to actually implement them, so they work for you.”

Over the years, Sherrie said she has helped clients double, triple and quadruple their income, revenue and GCI so they could build and enjoy the life of wealth and freedom they always knew they deserved.

Kollosche agent Jamie Harrison said the Million Dollar Agent course, in conjunction with working one-on-one with Sherrie, had a huge impact on his career in just a few years. 

He has gone from writing $300,000 to being on track to hit the $3 million mark.

“I would recommend enrolling in Million Dollar Agent for a one-stop-shop in terms of how to learn the structure, the processes, the roles and responsibilities of team members,” he said.

“It’s about all those daily activities that compound to allow you to gain momentum in your marketplace and become a million dollar agent.”

LJ Hooker Kingscliff agent Amy Sanderson said the course had enabled her to kickstart her sales career the right way.

“Million Dollar Agent has been fundamental in getting me into a solid routine, by offering an A-Z course with processes, templates and the words/actions to use,” she said.

“I moved from property management to sales earlier this year, I also moved to a new area, so having a winning formula to follow has been paramount for keeping me focused, on track and becoming visible in my marketplace. 

“It’s rewarding to start seeing the results starting to flow through and I can’t wait for results to keep flowing through on a regular basis and building upwards from there.”

Sherrie said Million Dollar Agent was ideal for all agents, regardless of what stage of their career they were at.

“It’s ideal for career agents who want to become more modern agents and who understand that there’s a better, faster way of doing things by embracing technology,” she said.

“It’s for agents who want to write more revenue, become million dollar agents and far beyond this, and it’s for greener agents who don’t really know what to do and who need a plug-and-play formula that works.

“It’s also for agencies to create 12-month, cost-effective training to level up their current agents but also for recruiting and investing in new agents and investing in their team.”

In the nine-module course, agents will learn how to level up and become modern-day agents, including the eight key drivers on how to become a “rockstar agent” and the how and why of building an attraction module business.

Agents will also discover the number of presentations, listings and sales they need to reach their goals and devise a 90-day plan to turn their dreams into reality.

The course also covers how to prospect without cold calling, including how to work your database and social media profile to target engaged buyers and ‘ready now’ sellers. 

Sherrie said agents would also gain the inside knowledge on how to overcome objections and nail their listing presentation every time, how to sell properties and build their personal brand with digital marketing, how to leverage their listings and build market share and how to prepare and conduct the perfect open home.

“You get all of the done-for-you templates, systems, strategies, hacks and operating procedures that I’ve implemented into my own business and the agents I coach have introduced to their businesses,” she said.

“Ninety per cent of my coaching clients have doubled, tripled, quadrupled or even quintupled their revenue.”

RE/MAX Results and RE/MAX Bayside Properties Principal Hayley Van de Ven said Million Dollar Agent had helped her agents and businesses grow substantially over the past couple of years.

“I’ve been working with Sherrie Storor since January 2020,” Hayley said.

“She has helped me with all of my systems and processes within the business, and we have grown from a $3 million business in GCI to well over $16 million.

“Sherrie’s processes are first class.

“Everything the agents need to build their business from zero to hero is inside of her packs and templates.

“Investing in our agents is part and parcel of helping their businesses build to the next level.”

The Million Dollar Agent Course is sponsored by and iRealty and has an annual one-time payment of $997 or 12 payments of $97.

Doors are open to enrol until midnight on 16 December, 2022. For more information and to register, click here.

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.