Sewing the seed to succeed: Bloom Commercial Property launches with UrbanX 

The desire to work towards a life of growth and freedom led Sam Turkan to launch the aptly named Bloom Commercial Property.

Inspired by a longing to dedicate his time to his own ambitions and to do real estate his way, it took Sam just two months to contemplate and decide to make the leap to parter with UrbanX.

But Sam’s journey into the commercial real estate industry actually began three years ago, driven by a passion for business and the fulfilment that comes from being entrusted with the sale or lease of a client’s most valued asset.

“Being a real estate agent allows me to build new relationships, achieve excellent results for clients, and enjoy a work-life balance,” Sam says.

One of the biggest frustrations Sam faced prior to branching out was the limitation imposed on him, hindering his ability to do business in certain regions. 

To realise his vision and establish a strong foundation for his agency, Sam chose to partner with UrbanX, a revolutionary platform that provides comprehensive support to real estate entrepreneurs.

By partnering with UrbanX, Sam gains access to cutting-edge technology, marketing support, and industry expertise.

When asked about this partnership, Sam explained, “The concept and structure of services provided by UrbanX provides me the necessary tools and support I need to operate a successful commercial real estate agency.
“Also, the added bonus of working with some awesome individuals,” he says.

As Sam embarks on this new chapter as a business owner, he is thrilled about the unlimited potential that lies ahead.

“Having the opportunity to take this venture to limitless heights is what excites me the most,” Sam says.

And Sam’s advice to his fellow agents considering building their own business? 

“I would highly recommend it as the UrbanX model embraces freedom, autonomy and gives you the ability to do great things,” he says.

With the newfound freedom and support of UrbanX, Sam Turkan is set to bloom in the commercial real estate scene. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to witness the extraordinary journey that lies ahead for Sam.

Are you looking to follow in Sam’s footsteps and pave your path to freedom? Contact UrbanX today, and you could start your journey tomorrow.

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