Selling Sunset: Jason Oppenheim on changing market conditions, reality TV fame and what to watch in the US real estate market

Reality TV star and luxury listing icon Jason Oppenheim recently took a whirlwind tour of Sydney and took a short time out to chat with Elite Agent Editor Samantha McLean about changing market conditions, changing business models and a new way to market properties that is rapidly overtaking standard property photos.

Get ready to laugh, learn, and maybe even buy a mansion or two, as the king of high-end real estate and star of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, Jason Oppenheim, hits Sydney.

If you didn’t already know, Jason is the president and founder of The Oppenheim Group, known for their high-end luxury sales across Los Angeles and Newport Beach.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast with Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean, Jason reveals what his life looks like as one of the best-known agents in the world and how his reality TV fame has shaped his career.

As well as there being untold professional and financial benefits, there are also a few drawbacks to being so well-known.

They also discuss what’s happening in the real estate market and what agents have in store as volumes decline after a few very strong years.

“Both the shows have been a benefit to my career. It’s great for our sellers too, because we’re able to get a ton of publicity that you would never be able to buy.” – Jason Oppenheim

Samantha and Jason also discuss:

  • 2.00 – The key difference between luxury real estate in Sydney and Los Angeles and the one thing Sydney has that separates it from the pack
  • 5.08 – The next evolution of property marketing and the new real estate app Jason says will hugely benefit early adopters
  • 7.30 –The big advantages of being a Selling Sunset star, as well as the downsides that come with his new level of fame
  • 9.18 – The outlook for 2023 and what market conditions are going to be like for agents and sellers after the frenzy of the last few years
  • 10.57 – The changing nature of the US brokerage model and why it could end up looking a lot more like Australia
  • 12.15 – Why falling volumes and a couple of lawsuits could lead to a serious drop in the number of agents in the US
  • 13.42 –Jason’s goals for the year ahead and why he’s putting a big focus on friends, family and quality of life.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.