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Sally Cameron- Changing with the market conditions

What’s your most memorable moment/highlight for 2019?
I have had some very memorable sales this year, but the most noteable is when I was showing a Singapore-based family through a beautiful home in College Park at 7.30 am on a Sunday.

The family left, and as they drove off the next-door neighbours backed out of their drive to go to their children’s swimming lessons and asked why I was there. I subsequently showed them through.

They ended up purchasing the home subject to the sale of their house next door. I had both under contract within a week.

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learnt this year?
I have learnt how hard the market can be and how tenacious I have to be to succeed in market conditions like this.

What do you do differently to others in the real estate industry?
I look at the big picture with every property, cross-market on internet portals and highlight all features that will appeal to the target market.

I also utilise exclusive showcases on realestate.com.au.

What’s the biggest myth people have about agents, and what needs to happen to change that perception?
As an agent, I genuinely want what is best for my clients, and I think the perception is that the focus is on money, not the house or the process and what is best for my clients.

I always recommend what is in their best interest on a professional level. Sometimes these conversations are hard but are in their best interest.

What would winning agent of the year mean to you?
This year has been a very challenging year and winning this year would highlight my focus on my clients and the results I have achieved.

It would also mean so much as the agents that are finalists are high-achieving. It makes me so proud that I am up against them in this category.

What are your goals professionally and personally for 2020?
Personally, I would like to improve my life balance, and professionally I would like to increase my focus on customer services and how I can improve that.

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