Rex reveals new tools to generate leads and convert customers

Global Australian-based software company Rex has launched a streamlined IT solution for real estate agents to generate leads, convert customers and grow their business, combining two easy-to-use integrated tech platforms.

The Rex Grow Suite offers agents access to Rex Websites (formerly Siteloft), a ‘plug and play’ website solution and Rex Reach (formerly Spoke), a simple self-learning social media advertising and lead generation platform.

Rexlabs Chief Executive Officer Anton Babkov said pairing two next generation tech solutions alleviated the most common and frustrating pain points agents experienced, particularly during a time when maintaining market share and finding growth opportunities was challenging.

“Our products are great on their own but even better together,” he said.

“Our new suite of products combines two solutions to maximise lead generation followed by engagement and conversion.

“Using the Rex Grow Suite you can retarget your site visitors by analysing their on-page behaviour through Rex Websites, and use that data to create new audiences for ad campaigns in Rex Reach, in-turn driving new traffic to your website.”

“It’s difficult to imagine an agency reaching its full potential without the support of both a property- specific website and digital advertising.

“It was a logical next step for us to evolve our tech offerings to help agents minimise the time and cost spent on IT and social media advertising, which in many cases is not an agent’s area of expertise.”

Rex Websites, is the company’s second virtual shopfront iteration, after being redesigned in-house to meet the specific needs of real estate agencies.

It provides a range of web themes customised to suit a variety of segments from luxury to first home buyers, is mobile responsive and integrates seamlessly with the original Rex CRM platform.

Software enhancements include cleaner contemporary themes that are structured to drive lead engagement and versatile layouts that are functional and specific to agency types.

The platform comes with out-of-the-box customisation to take control of your site’s design to match your agency’s brand.

It gives you the flexibility to refresh your content on a rolling basis so that you can be found in search engines, add customisable forms and download integrated analytics.

Rex Websites is backed by continuous user feedback and boasts a seamless user experience, which means easy-to-use navigation and intuitive search functionality are built-in. Plus, interactive maps and video or VR tours are simple to add to your site.

Having worked with thousands of agents in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, Mr Babkov said it had been a priority to make the new platform simple to set up, easy to maintain and update.

“For the past decade we’ve made it our business to help agents unlock engagement opportunities and maximise conversions,” Mr Babkov said.

Rex Websites is that product. We’ve relaunched an enhanced product that has taken us two years to design.

“We’ve worked directly with agencies, testing the initial concept and the themes, making sure the functionality is fit-for-purpose for this industry and easy to understand.”

Rexlabs Chief Operating Officer Layla Foord said the rebranded Rex Reach platform (formerly named Spoke), paired with Rex Websites for amplifying engagement and conversion through social media advertising platforms.

She said the objective was to make digital advertising across essential marketplaces such as Facebook, Instagram and Google easy and accessible for real estate agents. 

Rex Reach’s capabilities include precise targeting of thousands of eligible sellers found via postcode, city and state. Audiences can be narrowed down to buyer type including first home buyers, investors, tree-changers, tenants and commercial investors.

Ms Foord said there was no need to switch between platforms or keep up-to-date with algorithm changes, and its powerful built-in reporting and analytics tools made it easy to understand the efficacy of marketing campaigns.

“Rex Reach allows agents to reach 90 per cent of people online,” she said.

“Not only does it allow you to reach people with realistic listings and branding campaigns you can do that across multiple channels at multiple times.

“It’s hyper-targeted allowing you to select audiences. Users do not need to have any kind of expertise and the point is to learn as you go.

“It simplifies the entire process providing access to new channels and audiences so you can scale your prospecting and buyers.”

Mr Babkov said to think of the platform as a marketing agency you can control in just four clicks.

“Where you can attract and convert more buyers and connect with future sellers and landlords at the right time,” he said.

The Rex Grow Suite is backed by a high level of commitment to account management and service for both products to support agencies in the work they’re doing, to further enable growth for their businesses.

Learn more about the Rex Grow Suite or book a complimentary demonstration here.

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