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Rex reveals brand refresh and updated vision

The Rex team has announced a refresh of its core brand elements.

Reflecting the growth and evolution of Rex as a leading Customer Relationship Management system which provides workflow and marketing solutions for real estate agencies, the rebrand elevates the focus on the company’s strength, stability and transformation, and includes a new logo, positioning and future vision.

“It’s a major milestone for the company as the real estate market adapts, and a unique opportunity for the Rex brand to become synonymous with technology empowering agents to create and nurture better, long-lasting relationships,” Rex CEO and co-founder Anton Babkov said.

Rex’s rebrand is not just cosmetic. This month also marks the company’s 10th birthday and the Rex rebrand represents a maturing of the company, from the inside out.

Having spent the last couple of years experiencing how the property sales market is transforming both in Australia and on a global level, how technology is evolving and how consumers are buying and selling their homes and investments, the Rex team has developed a very clear view of the future of this industry.

“The demands of the industry have changed. The experience our customers’ clients expect has changed,” Mr Babkov said.

“A home is a deeply personal place, and every journey from home to home will come with its own unique challenges, motivations, frustrations and emotions. We believe technology needs to enable authentic conversations – not replace them.”

At the centre of this rebrand is Rex’s goal to elevate the people who make the whole process possible.

“Our customers are the glue that helps everyone navigate the sales process,” Rex Product Manager, Tom McCarthy said.

“From admin staff trying to juggle hundreds of tasks at once, to busy agents looking to deliver great customer experiences in a highly competitive market place, to business owners looking for comfort that their agency is running smoothly and efficiently, and their team is happy and productive – we understand their frustrations and build functionality to help alleviate them.”

On the design level, the original Rex logo contained a secret image of a house, representing a hidden depth to the system as well as the thoughtfulness, care and craft of the people who made it.

The Rex system remains a hugely powerful piece of software, but the brand focus has now shifted to the people using it rather than the people building it.

The new logo – a smile nestled under a roof – is centred on Rex’s goal to make a product that delivers smiles to everyone that it touches. The organic blobel shape reflects the constantly changing market.

Visit the new Rex website to learn more about this exciting brand refresh.

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