Rental Heroes introduces AI-chatbot ‘Alex’

Rental Heroes has introduced an AI-chatbot named “Alex” who is designed to help property managers by communicating directly with tenants to handle everyday requests and issues, including maintenance.

The Melbourne-based proptech co rolled Alex out recently and explains the technology allows every property manager to have their very own property assistant.

Rental Heroes has a focus on helping property managers automate and reduce the manual interactions when coordinating common tenant requests.

They note current property management customers are finding that 62 per cent of all tenant requests are being raised via Alex – and largely automated – which is reducing their email and phone traffic.

“Tenants love to use Alex! He is available 24/7 on Messenger and soon WhatsApp. Unlike other portals and apps, there are no separate logins or downloads required,” Rental Heroes explained.

For property managers, there are also no separate systems or logins required. When a tenant request requires attention, PMs will be alerted and informed via their existing cloud CRM or maintenance system.

Alex helps with tenant requests and issues such as:
• “When is my rent paid to?”
• “I have an urgent out of hours repair”, or
• “I’d like to add a tenant to my lease”

Rental Heroes said now, more than ever, property managers need the time to focus on supporting their landlords and tenants through the COVID-19 crisis.

Pricing starts from only $99 per month. There are no lock-in contracts and we’re offering a free 30-day trial.

Why wait? Book a demo today.

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