Remi Quinlivan: An eye for detail

Remi Quinlivan quite possibly has one of the most fascinating roles in real estate.

Officially TRG’s marketing manager, her job includes overseeing all of the brand’s marketing, while “making Gavin’s life as easy as possible”.

In the past year this has seen her assist with the design and build of the new office, while setting up each of the team members.

“I’ve been working with Gavin for five years now and been lucky enough to grow with him as his business has grown year on year,” she says.

Remi started as Gavin’s assistant, having never worked in real estate.

Instead, she brought experience in luxury public relations to his team, along with a commitment to premium service.

The role steadily grew to encompass all his marketing and events, and has now expanded to manage that on behalf of the entire team.

Remi boasts a tireless work ethic and an innate ability to get things done.

“The culture of our office is that when the work needs to be done, you do it,” she explains.

“We are all pretty much available to work seven days a week.

“Some people find that culture overwhelming, being on call 24/7, but I start speaking to Gavin pretty much when I open my eyes and stop when I go to bed, and that’s the same for all of us.”

Remi works closely with TRG operations manager Shani Asadon.

The pair interact like a well-oiled machine, ensuring all necessary parts of the sales process go through a single channel.

Shani handles areas like property styling, repairs, and contracts, while all marketing goes through Remi.

Remi also deals directly with vendors, ensuring no detail is overlooked in their marketing campaign.

She organises the photo shoots, makes all the edits to images, and only when the campaign meets her stringent criteria does it go to the vendor for approval.

“I like to send them out finished proofs, all in one email, and make it super simple, so there isn’t so much back and forth with everything,” she says.

This streamlined approach is partly due to the sheer volume of properties TRG looks after, but is also part of their personalised service, and the standards are high.

“We need to be giving A+ service for everything. If I were to send three emails, saying ‘sorry, I didn’t attach something to that last email…here it is’, well that’s just sloppy and it’s not on brand,” she says.

Remi notes this level of service and attention to detail is driven from the top down.

“Gavin’s attention to detail is second to none,” Remi explains. “Most agents won’t ever look over their own signboards, but he’ll come pull up a chair at my desk and say ’take me through it’.”

The level of service is also consistent, regardless of the value of the property in question.

“There is no difference between the way he treats a $500,000 property and a $9 million property,” Remi explains.

Attention to detail is apparent in the fit-out of TRG’s new premises.

The office is beautifully appointed, yet comfortable, and more akin to a premium property than an office.

Remi’s husband was the building contractor behind the fit-out, and says he’s never seen such a level of detail in commercial premises.

“Gavin knew what he was doing,” Remi reflects.

“He wanted everyone to feel comfortable. These guys work long hours, often from 7am to 9pm. That’s the culture and it feels so nice to work here.”

Candles abound and flowers are changed weekly. In another nod to family, the florist is the wife of associate director, Evan Williams.

“That says a lot about Gavin as a person,” Remi reflects.

“He hired my husband to do the build and he’s hired Evan’s wife to do our weekly flowers.

He very much wants to help everyone around him.”

Remi notes it’s part of a culture where every team member is valued and respected.

“Even in saying the crazy hours we work, if I ever have an appointment, or want to go see my parents for a weekend, Gavin doesn’t bat an eyelid,” she says.

“He would never question because everyone gives their heart and soul and that’s such a nice culture to be part of.”

Remi notes this culture is further evident in Gavin’s staff retention rate, with many of the team members working together for several years.

It’s also reflected in her future goals.

“Wherever Gavin Rubenstein’s going, I’m going,” she says.

“Whatever that means for him, if that’s five offices, hopefully I’ll be helping him run all five. With any luck, I’ll be on his trajectory, whatever that is.” 

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