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REIWA launches ‘What about WA?’ campaign

In the lead up to the federal election, REIWA has launched its ‘What about WA?’ campaign, which aims to ensure Western Australia is not overlooked when election commitments concerning the real estate industry are made.

According to REIWA President Damian Collins, the government has had a track record of applying blanket national policy settings, targeted at the east coast, without considering the consequences it would have on Western Australia.

“Only recently, efforts to cool house prices in Sydney and Melbourne negatively impacted the WA housing market, making it significantly more difficult for prospective buyers to secure a loan, further stifling our local market at a time when it had just started to show signs of improvement,” Mr Collins said.

Through the campaign, REIWA is aiming to give the Western Australian a voice in the national debate and are calling for all parties contesting the federal election to agree to four key local policy commitments.

These commitments are as follows:

1. Federal incentives to help phase out stamp duty

2. Regulation – increase jobs and migration to WA to create much needed demand for housing

3. Federal infrastructure funding for WA until a long-term strategy is implemented

4. A City Deal for Perth

“The introduction of these key policies will boost WA’s property market and the wider economy making WA a more attractive place to live, work and invest,” Mr Collins said.

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