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REIV launches online petition to give landlords a voice

Receiving support from the Liberal opposition, Simpson says that "supply side" has been ignored.

The REIV has launched an online petition calling on the Andrews’ Government to amend proposed changes to Victoria’s rental laws.

The ‘Rentfair is Unfair’ petition will highlight the level of concern in the marketplace with reform of the Residential Tenancies Act set to remove important landlord rights, including the ability to consent to pets and to minor property modifications. Landlords will also find their right to end a tenancy further restricted.

The changes would also reduce a property owners’ security with bonds capped at the equivalent of four weeks’ rent for all homes rented for less than $760 a week.

REIV President Richard Simpson said the views and rights of the supply side had been ignored, with landlords left without a voice.

“Landlords have a significant financial asset at stake and it’s important that they retain the right to choose whether they accept pets or if the tenant is allowed to make modifications to the property, particularly as these factors can impact on the value of their investment.”

“Balanced legislation is crucial in ensuring the private rental market is sustainable, now and into the future, especially given enforcement of the legislation through VCAT overwhelmingly favours tenants.”

“The Government is trying to provide tenants with better protections but by reducing landlord rights and their security, it’s going to result in greater screening of applicants and increased rents. Some landlords have indicated that they will remove their investment property from the private rental market if these reforms are passed.”

The petition will later be received and raised in Parliament by Heidi Victoria, Shadow Minister for Consumer Affairs.

“The REIV has been encouraged by support from both the Opposition and a number of upper house crossbenchers in challenging the proposed reforms.”

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