Recruiting a rainmaker: Pancho Mehrotra on what to seek in a top performer, how to attract them, and the leadership qualities that bring out their best

How can you bring a top performer into your business in the knowledge they will perform as you hope and become a true asset to your team? Pancho Mehrotra takes a deep dive into how to hire, lead and bring out the best in top performing agents.

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Call them rainmakers or top performers, a talented salesperson can be an incredible asset to a real estate business, bringing in a high volume of very big sales.

But… as good as they might be at selling, some can also ruffle a few feathers when it comes to team culture and a cohesive workplace.

In this Elevate podcast, sales and communication expert, Pancho Mehrotra explains the most important traits to look for in a top performer to ensure they are a team player, along with how to lead them and build a business that attracts them.

Pancho explains emotional intelligence is a must for any well-rounded top performer. It’s also an asset that is set to be increasingly important to agents in the future as the real estate industry continues to grapple with technology and change.

Pancho argues, real estate, like many other industries, is indeed primed for further disruption, with the art of selling becoming less about interaction during the purchase and more about creating longstanding relationships.

In a podcast that is all about what drives high achievers and how you can tap their talent while creating a successful team, Pancho goes on to identify the key factors that create a culture akin to those of the world’s most successful businesses and sporting teams.

“If you look at any top performing team, and I call a business a team of different personalities, there are so many high performing teams in the world…they all have a very strong leadership and it’s not an autocratic manager. It’s leadership whereby everyone is working towards a vision.”  

Samantha and Pancho also discuss:

  • The elements of emotional intelligence and which ones to look for in any top performer
  • How to lead a top performer, and why the best of the best remain hungry to learn and willing to be coached
  • Where to direct your attention as an agent of the future, including the key skills you will need to remain relevant
  • Why leading organisations Apple and Manchester United have some important traits in common that agencies can also emulate too
  • What to understand about your leadership style, and how that can impact your hiring strategy
  • Why the car industry is already undergoing the disruption that real estate might soon see, and how they are adapting
  • How to deal with the ongoing uncertainty brought about by the events of the past 18 months, and the key tools you can use to overcome it.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.